Work Permits for Saskatchewan Canada Can be a Trap?

Everyone is aware of the work opportunities that Saskatchewan offers to the people living and working in the province. There are so many migrants who get allured by the working opportunities they are offered in Saskatchewan. But, here the question is those working opportunities on work permits are for real? Or trap to fool the migrants with their hard-earned money.

Therefore, it is indeed very important to scrutinize each and everything before finalizing the job employment in Saskatchewan.

It is not that everyone tries to mock you down or dupe you but generally, people on work permit visas are left heartbroken when they don’t get what they have paid for or when their job description and designation is totally different then what was offered to them.

Though Saskatchewan is strict with its immigration programs and rules some things are also not in their hands as well.

Let us explore more about how to get effective work opportunities in Saskatchewan!

If you are looking to come and live in Saskatchewan for work purposes provided you are neither Canadian Citizen nor permanent resident, you may require a work permit.

If your job doesn’t need a work permit then also you will have to follow certain rules and restrictions for a defined period and what you are entitled to get in Canada.

Additionally, certain occupations are regulated in Saskatchewan and are governed by provincial laws or a regulatory body. If you want to work in Saskatchewan, check your occupation is regulated or not in the province. Work Permit is one of the options, however, they expire as soon as you leave the job and after that, you are required to again apply for a work permit to work for the next employer.

Thus, it is better to apply for permanent residency instead! Here, you will get almost all the benefits given to the Canadian Citizens. Also, being a permanent resident holder gives more confidence to the Saskatchewan employer to hire you instead of the worker on a temporary visa. Many of the employers trust permanent residents more as compared to the temporary workers because it gives them a sense of trust and longevity with their organization.

So, why not check for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program instead of permanent residency? There are so many visa programs to select for your ultimate immigration process.

Ask for a free Canada PNP assessment from the visa and immigration experts of Aptech Global by connecting to them through the form. You will surely get back-call from one of the immigration experts to discuss your PR case. Applying for permanent residency is a better option than re-applying again and again for a work permit! 

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