Australia is a country worth exploration especially for the ones who are highly skilled and professional. Australia provides a range of visas for the aspiring candidates who wish to use their skills to migrate to Australia.

At Aptechvisa, we provide quality assistance to our clients to migrate to Australia without any hassle. At Aptech, desiring candidates can weigh their score for eligibility to Australia immigration with Australian immigration points calculator.

If you belong to the IT field then you must be skilled enough to live your dream life in Australia as Australia is a heaven for skilled workers. Australia also prefers IT professionals who can contribute to the growing tech industry in Australia. The Australian immigration points calculator on the basis of some factors assesses the score which is the prime most step towards lodging for the visa. The score basically tells you whether you are eligible for the Australian visa or not?

The Australian immigration points calculator as mentioned before analyses some factors related to your age, work experience, educational qualification, nominated occupation etc. There are many assessments involved like assessment related to language, health, points, character, debts, and previous visa. Lodging of EOI (Expression of Interest) is also of chief importance.

Now let’s discuss about how the whole procedure of migration to Australia can fulfill the dreams of IT professionals?

Let’s not forget the fact that Australia harbors major IT companies in Australia such as Appen, Data3, Datacom Group, Ideas International, NEXTDC, and Spacetalk.

To immigrate to Australia, an IT professional would be required to be under the age of 45 years of age. The other requirement is to undergo the IELTS which is the International standard of English language proficiency for non Australian natives. It is document of proof that a candidate has communicating ability when immigrated into Australia.

Nominated occupation is the process through which you nominate yourself for a specific occupation after going through the SOL Australia. To elaborate SOL Australia, is a list which contains occupations mentioned in MTSSL and STSOL. If your name is enlisted in Combined Skilled Occupation Demand List, you are close to earn a skilled migration visa to Australia. The list is renewed by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) keeping the Labour trends in Australian market in mind.

The IT market in the last years in Australia has been growing at the rate of CAGR of more than 5 percent. This growth is compelling the Australian authorities to be acceptable of the immigration applications coming from outside Australia. Dell, IBM, Lenovo, Google, HP, and NetApp are chief investors in Australia.

So as we have elaborated the whole process of migration to Australia, it may not be that difficult for an IT professional to migrate to Australia to contribute to the booming IT industry in Australia. When you have Aptech beside you, you can easily jump off the hurdles. Now take the next step is to fill out the free assessment form available at the Aptechvisa’s website for free and let our experts guide you thereafter.