Why is Australia leading PR country?

In this past year, the Australia has seen a lot of changes be it in terms of political government, or immigration changes. Indeed, this has surely been a roller-coaster for Australia and migrants applying for Australian Permanent Residency Visa.

Still, with lots of turmoil in the past, Australia is still regarded as top immigration destination for applicants targeting only Australia as their ultimate immigration hotspot.

In the past months, at the time of Turnbull government there were some key changes made to the immigration rules and policies, at that time, the most important was abolition of popular Subclass 457 visa, changes in the occupational lists, and Australian Citizenship amendments.

Next, in July came a historic move by then Turnbull Government for Australia Skilled Migration Visa Programs. This move stated that from now onwards, the pass point for Australia Skilled Migration visa categories under Australia PR will be 65 instead of previous 60 points.

This move was finalized in lieu of inviting only highly skilled workers who are able to contribute towards the growing economy of Australia. Although, the point factors remain same like age, educational qualification, work experience, language ability and adaptability factors for Australia PR, only the pass points has been increased.

In August, Australia Prime Minister changed and immigration department about-turned with again new immigration policies and procedures for their immigration year.

All these changes or steps were taken for the betterment of Australia as a whole. Under such circumstances, some applicants were baffled about their decision to plan immigration to Australia or drop of the plan?

Is it worth migrating to Australia or not?

Well, yeah! It is absolutely worth migrating to Australia and many be that is the reason that despite so many immigration changes, people are still preferring Australia over other complicated countries. The immigration process for Australia PR is still easy as compared to USA, and UK. Additionally, Australia has top class cities, infrastructure, heath care, work opportunities that makes it even more worthy for Australian Permanent Residency.

To make our point stronger, let us have a look at Australia’s global rankings as per US news and World Report.

This table shows that in every parameter, Australia comes under top 10 globally!

Ranking Parameter

World Ranking

Overall Ranking


Comfortable Retirement


Quality of life






Best country to travel alone


As per the table, overall ranking of Australia is 7 which is indeed good rank globally. The country offers good retirement plans and that is why it is placed on 2nd position and other essential factors also make Australia the top destination to apply for permanent residency visa.

Though, everything about Australia is good but still it has labour shortage and inability to meet the labour market with experienced skilled workers that can actually contribute towards the growing economy by living and working in Australia on permanent basis.

Thus, one cannot really avoid the fact that no matter how developed or global ranked Australia is, it still needs skilled and talented professionals from overseas to meet the labour requirements of various states and territories of Australia.

Thus, to combat this issue, the Australia Immigration department every year releases the high demand skilled occupation list. This list mentions the occupations that are in short supply in the Australian labour market. To apply under skill migration programs, the candidates must choose occupation that is listed on the Australia Occupational demand list.

How to apply for General Skilled Migration Program?

Australia’s General Skilled Migration Program (GSM) is general skill migration categories that allow skilled and qualified workers to come and settle in the country on permanent basis. There are three skilled visa categories namely Australia Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189, Australia State Sponsored Visa Subclass 190 and Australia Skilled Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 489.

These visa categories are point based where the applicant must score high immigration points to be able to get invitation for Australian Permanent Residency Visa. However, a minimum of 65 points out of 100 on Australia Point Assessment grid is required that is calculated for age, educational qualification, work experience, language ability and adaptability factors.

Check your immigration points using Australia Point Calculator

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