Why Express Entry is a good idea for immigrants businesses and Canada

If you were a fifty-year-old scientist with a PhD and twenty years of experience working in huge firms in your native country but had below-average English or French language abilities ten years ago, you could apply to immigrate to Canada, and many such applicants did. However, you quickly discovered that getting a work in Canada was difficult due to language and age obstacles a few months after your arrival. Furthermore, the economic realities of immigration meant that you would almost certainly have to take a job considerably below your skill set, often resorting to menial labour - at first as a transitory phase, but gradually becoming a permanent reality. Following statistics revealed a significant decline in income levels for newcomers to Canada.

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Jason Kenney seized the Immigration portfolio with zeal in 2008. Most of his predecessors used that position to transition to other cabinet positions, creating a virtual game of musical chairs in this ministerial function. This isn't it! Jason Kenney's time as Prime Minister of Canada was the longest in the country's history. Kenney remained for quite some time, totally upgrading a rusted and wasteful framework by eliminating overabundances of almost 1,000,000 candidates, managing degenerate advisors, and shutting clear escape clauses in different projects, all determined to change migration into a new, more work responsive framework.

The rollout of the new Express Entry program in January 2015, thanks to Jason Kenney and our current Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, will ensure that many of the problems with the outdated system will be replaced with a completely new immigration system that is more sensitive to labor market requirements and maintains Canada competitive in the global fight for human capital.The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Federal Skilled Trades (FST), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and Provincial Nominee Program will all be part of the Express Entry system (PNP).

It will take some time to get used to Express Entry because it is a different way of picking immigrants, but it is a smarter approach. Here's how to do it:

For Immigrants

The old system was wholly reliant on a prospective applicant's decision to immigrate to Canada, with no connection between their qualifications and career prospects in Canada. The new system will increase the chances of immigrants receiving an invitation to apply for immigration finding lucrative employment in their sector.

"With the former method, applications and paperwork had to be physically sent." The new system is completely digital, making file processing easier and faster.

"Under the prior scheme, the government was compelled to process every application, even if the applicants did not match the eligibility requirements. This led in a waste of time for all parties involved. The backlogs were exacerbated by the mandated processing of applicants. Applicants were expected to submit their applications and pay processing costs regardless of whether or not they were successful. The new system ensures that a short use of the web tool will show you if you qualify for an invitation to apply by indicating whether you meet the points required.

The online questionnaire incorporates well-researched components on immigrant outcomes, giving potential immigrants a more accurate picture of their qualifications, abilities, and experience, as well as areas of weakness that they may improve to succeed in Canada. If you do not satisfy the requirements, it will tell you what you need to do to meet them. If you meet the requirements, you will be added to a pool of applicants with whom employers will be able to connect and make instant employment offers. An invitation to apply for permanent residence will also be sent to you.

It used to take migrants five to eight years to accept their visa before the migration framework was smoothed out. The objective for this new framework is a six-month turnaround time.

"A job offer will undoubtedly help you rise to the top of the list, but it is not required. Candidates who have been given preliminary approval but have not yet been offered a job will register with the Canada Job Bank, which will connect them with Canadian firms looking for their specific skill set.

"Candidates can boost their chances of being picked in a variety of ways, including taking additional courses relevant to their occupation, strengthening their language skills, or receiving a job offer from a Canadian business.

Employers' perspective

Employers could only hire international workers under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program or Provincial Nominee Programs up until now. Employers can now pick from the Federal Skilled Worker programme, the Federal skilled trades programme, the Canadian Experience Class, and the Provincial Nominee Program if no Canadian candidates are available.

Employers will benefit in the following ways:

"Express Entry candidates who have a job offer backed up by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or a provincial/territorial nomination certificate will be given enough extra points to be invited to apply in the next eligible draw of candidates." The Canada Job Bank will connect qualifying firms in Canada with Express Entry candidates. When there are no Canadians or permanent residents available to undertake the job, Job Bank will "match" qualifying firms with Express Entry individuals who satisfy their job description later in 2015.

For PR applications, there will be no LMIA charge.

In 80% of cases, PR applications will be processed in less than a year.

Besides, an organization that presently utilizes an impermanent unfamiliar specialist (TFW) can utilize Express Entry to help their long-lasting residency application.

For Canada

According to studies based on Canada's demographic concerns, the country will need to rely on immigration for many years to maintain economic growth. The new Express Entry programme will improve Canada's ability to identify the best immigrants for immediate labour market requirements and process their applications quickly.

It is anticipated that, as a result of this new system, we will be able to compete on a worldwide scale for the best human capital seeking to immigrate to Canada. Immigrants who enter through the quick entry system will have better economic outcomes for Canada, and we will not be wasting global human capital by leaving immigrants unemployed.

Once fully operational, the new system will be speedier, demand-driven, and cost-effective for taxpayers.

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