What is there in Denmark which other countries don’t have? Denmark is titled ‘World’s Happiest Nation’ by the United States National Foundation. The country is attributed with the highest employment rate amongst all the other EU Countries. Not only this, the net wages rate offered in Denmark is much higher than the other countries of Europe, with unemployment only 3.5 percent.

Denmark is fast emerging as a leading overseas destination for migrants from across the world because it offers plethora of opportunities to the potential immigrants. It is also one of the seventh highest per capita income country of the world. Thus, Denmark is the least corrupt country of the globe which further increases its popularity and gives an additional reasons for the immigrants to choose Denmark as their go to country.

Denmark offers number of benefits to the immigrants who want to travel to Denmark on a permanent basis:

  • Denmark offers the easy and simple ways to immigrate without creating fuss for the potential candidates. It’s easy to understand and follow policies procedure makes this country the most visa friendly nation.
  • The citizens and permanent residence holder have the privilege to work and live anywhere cross across the European Union.
  • Denmark green card gives an exclusive right to travel across all nations of the Schengen zone without having a visa for a required purpose.
  • The rights are also carried forward to the family members of the citizens or the permanent resident holders. Denmark is the country which allows family to come together and offers additional rights to live and work in their country.
  • After gaining the permanent residency status, the foreigner can get many social benefits like medical grants, buying property, and children’s higher studies absolutely free.
  • Denmark’s close proximity to other nations like Sweden, Norway, and Germany gives foreigners a chance to explore new avenues.
  • Permanent residency holders are also eligible for various insurance and other benefits by the government.

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