Why Canada is Being Chosen by French Immigrants?

Canada is a bilingual country with both English and French as its mother language.

This is in co-relation to the fact that Canada is fronting upsurge of French immigrants migrating every year.

Canada is, otherwise also, considered a strong economy and preferred by many immigrants post 2008 Global Financial Meltdown. Many of the so-called strong economy faced hardships during this time around but not a hint of breakdown touched Canadian economy.

Apart from this general reasoning, there are other factors too that are behind this increasing French immigrants’ level:

The below listed could be the probable reasons:

  1. Canada’s unemployment is as low as 7% compared to France’s unemployment rate which is 10.4%. This could be the reason for young people in France who have an even sturdier economic pull to Canada.
  2. French citizens also reap the benefit of a relatively easy credential assessment process for their entry in Canada as compared to Immigrants from rest of the world. Thus a long wait processing time for newcomers to Canada is what French people do not suffer from.  
  3. Those French people who prefer to settle in the province of Quebec, get benefited from the ‘Quebec-France Agreement’ on the Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications. Contracted in the year 2008, the agreement accelerates the credential assessment process of French people in Quebec, allowing them to have their credentials assessed in a lesser time than their parallel newcomers from other countries.
  4. French people looking to settle in Quebec also benefit from considerably bargained fees, if joining one of Quebec’s post-secondary institutions. On a similar line of credential recognition agreement, Quebec and France have also signed a bilateral agreement that lets French people have the benefit from the Quebec tuition rate instead of the international student tuition rate, thus saving French students thousands of dollars each year.
  5. The fact that Canada caters French as its official language might also act as fuel to the fire to let French people choose Canada over other Western nations. To preserve their mother tongue and not being required to learn a new language is a big motivator for French migrants when comparing a future in Canada to other countries.


These listed combination of factors are leading French citizens from around the globe to take the step to immigrate and start a new life in Canada. For more information about immigration to Canada, fill Aptech Global’s FREE Assessment Form

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