What You Should Do If SINP Application Got Rejected or Returned

Saskatchewan is one of the elegant and most popular provinces of Canada which is being known as world leader in agriculture as it becomes the sixth largest onshore producer in Canada. The province is a great place to live and work along with family and provides you the opportunity to get buzz out all its vibrant art, culture scene and plenty of sport with recreation activities.

Are you wondering about Saskatchewan PNP? If Saskatchewan beauties tempted you and all you have decided to move there, you need to follow up the immigration path which known as SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee program). It usually nominates right and well deserving applicants who can effectively serve the economy and lead in world wide.

In order to take first step towards Saskatchewan PNP, you need to find out you key eligibility requirements and file a visa application. It may happen sometimes that some of visa application got accepted while other may got rejected or returned. You may experience your all hard work and preparations may come up with negative outcomes. Thus, in this blog, we will help you out what necessary steps you need to take once your SINP application got returned or refused.

There are mainly two different ways which you can do when you got your SINP application cancelled, namely, Secondary Review and Reapply. These key measures are described in the following as:

What You can Do in Secondary Review

  • If your visa application was declared as ineligible by SINP and if you want to review your application because of past error done in application process, you can ask for a secondary review.
  • You have only one application in the Saskatchewan Immigration process which means that you cannot submit a new visa application for Saskatchewan when Secondary review is being assessed. It may take at least one year to process your secondary review due to higher number of applications for secondary review.
  • To apply in this, you have 45 days from the date SINP issued ineligible application.

What To Do In Reapplying

  • You can reapply to SINP after the reasons for ineligible decision has been made.
  • You need to submit all supporting document credentials that are complete as per SINP application.
  • Resubmitted Application which will subject to have similar processing time and procedures as other accepted applications.

Saskatchewan Immigration Points Calculator 

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