The subclass 189 skilled independent visa is a permanent residency visa for the skilled professionals who wish to reside and earn a living in Australia on a permanent basis. For this, you don’t need to get a sponsorship from a state, employer or any territory.

The step-by-step Australia PR Process for visa category 189 is as follows:

Assessment of the Occupation

Well, if you’ve selected any occupation, it needs to be assessed by a relevant assessing authority. You can’t just declare your occupation; moreover, you need to provide a documentary evidence for the same. There are different assessing authorities for different occupations. So, all you can do is check the list of the assessing authorities and get your occupation assessed by a relevant authority.

Submit your Expression of Interest

After getting your occupation assessed by a relevant authority, now, it’s time to submit your EOI i.e. the Expression of Interest to the Department of Home Affairs. The EOI must be appealing enough so that it can attract the attention of the concerned authorities that you genuinely want to apply under the visa subclass 189.

Also, you need to have a positive skill assessment and all the documents ready to prove that you meet the 65 point criteria to apply for the visa subclass 189.

Invitation to Apply (ITA)

After submitting your EOI and meeting the certain requirements, you’ll receive an ITA to apply for Australia’s Permanent Residence. You PR application is 90% complete when you receive an ITA to apply for Australia PR. At this stage, you need to submit your visa fees, submit the pertinent documents that validate your EOI, medical clearance certificate, Police Clearance Certificate and any other documents that DHA has asked for.

Grant of your PR Visa 189

After following the above steps, now, it’s time for celebration, as you get your PR Visa approved under the subclass 189. So, pack your bags, take your flight and move to Australia without any hitch and live the life you’ve always vyed for.

You can do all the filing in your own if you’re well aware of how the whole process works, and how the point system works. On the other hand if you don’t have any idea of how the whole process works for Australia Immigration under the visa 189, then you can avail the services from the professional immigration experts. I hope this information was helpful. Good Luck!

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