What if Canada Stops Taking Immigrants?
What if Canada Stops Taking Immigrants?

By Aptechvisa [Published Mon, May 21 2018]

Ever wondered what would happen if suddenly you hear the news of Canada stopping immigration intake permanently? Just imagine its impact on the potential applicants who are planning to migrate to Canada on a permanent basis.

Heat breaking!  Isn’t it? Well! As of now, there is nothing stopping migrants to apply for Canada PR. However, in a report published earlier this month, the Conference Board of Canada examined the possible outcome if Canada were to stop accepting immigrants. The report reveals that with immigrants being absent from the scene, the Canadian economy will become weak and slow. In contrast, increasing immigration targets will support growth in the Canadian economy and labour force.

No Immigration VS More Immigration

The report examined two hypothetical situations and their possible impact on Canada. The first hypothetical situation was: “What would happen if Canada stopped accepting new immigrants?” and the second situation was: “What would happen if Canada increased the number of immigrants it accepts?”

The research was inter-connected with the previous report that showed: Immigration is a vital tool in growing Canada’s economy over the long term.

The first situation: What if Canada stopped accepting new immigrants?

According to this report, if Canada ever wants to stop accepting the new immigrants, the country’s economy would badly suffer. This would further affect Canada’s potential economic growth from an average of 1.9% to 1.3% annually. Additionally, the average age of population would increase to approximate 27% with the population age of 64 years by the year 2040.

These numbers suggests that if Canada were to slow down its immigration programs, this would have an irrefutably negative effect on the country as a whole and quality of life would also get affected.

The second situation: What if Canada increased the number of immigrants it accepts?

Currently, Canada’s immigration intake is equivalent to approximately 0.8% of the Canadian population. The particular report examined what will happen if the rate is increased to 1% of the Canadian population.

This report brings the positive result, that is, Canada would be better equipped to handle its aging population if the number is increased. This would further boost the Canadian economy and would lead to the economy modest growth.

Canada’s Immigration Targets

In the present situation, Canada hopes to welcome 310,000 new permanent residents through its immigration programs. By the year 2020, Canada plans to increase the immigration intake to 340,000. The immigration experts have expressed many a times to increase the immigration level to benefit Canada as whole. They further suggested setting the annual immigration target at 450,000 per year. While, the immigration level is still below 1% of the total Canadian population, it is clear that Canadian government recognizes the crucial role played by immigrants towards contributing to the economy and thus, will continue to accept a high number of immigrants in the coming years.

Hence, now is the time to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency as you never know when the situation flip-side. Canada is accepting immigrants with open arms and will continue to do so till they want.

So, better apply then wait!

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