New Zealand is a wonderful country to live and settle on a permanent basis. There are different visa categories to select on the basis of your personal preference and eligibility requirements. Also, there are many pathways to receiving New Zealand PR.

As a skilled migrant willing to come and work in the country to contribute towards the growing economy, skilled migration category is most suitable for you or if the purpose of migrating is to live with close ones already residing there then Family Sponsorship programs are most suitable.

Therefore, to apply for New Zealand as a skilled migrant you are first required to create an expression of interest online and mention key requirements like age, educational qualification, work experience, job-offer letter or any known connection in the country, etc. A minimum of 100 points out of 340 is required on New Zealand point assessment grid to become eligible for applying New Zealand PR. The applicants are nowadays picked up at 160 points for ITA.

The higher are your immigration points the better are your immigration chances.

A systematic procedure is followed for inviting migrants through the skilled migration category that involves the following steps:

  • Take PAR: If you have taken education from outside New Zealand this is the mandatory step to check your education and degree as per the New Zealand educational standards.
  • Create Expression of Interest New Zealand online by mentioning all the relevant details
  • Full Assessment where the invited applicants through regular EOI draws is required to evaluate education and experience in accordance with each other.
  • Wait for the final outcome

There are many other New Zealand PR pathways, it is suggested to connect with visa and immigration experts of Aptech Global by filling the New Zealand Immigration Assessment form. One of the experts will soon contact you to discuss the New Zealand PR query.