What are the Multiple Canada Immigration Pathways for Tech Experts

Canada is a hotspot for all the tech experts and IT professionals as the tech sector has gained a great momentum in the past few years. Where the entire world has been impacted negatively by the deadly corona virus, Canada is still ready to recruit the talented workforce from all across the globe. There has been an increasing demand for skilled workers in Canada who have profound knowledge about the nitty-gritties involved in the IT sector.

So, if you are someone with tech talent, Canada is waiting for you eagerly. Due to the high requirement of the tech professionals, Canada has introduced multiple Canada Immigration pathways for all the tech workers who are interested in making a smart move of Canada Immigration.

Whether you want to immigrate to Canada on a temporary or permanent basis, below are some of the multiple immigration pathways for you to have a gaze at.

  • Express Entry

 Express Entry is the easiest track way that caters to the needs of all the skilled Tech professionals. It is an extremely popular option for all the tech workers who are looking forward to starting a new chapter of their life in the maple country. Tech workers are the cynosure of immigrants who wish to move to Canada on a permanent basis.

So, if you are a tech professional, the best way of being eligible for Express Entry is through the Federal Skilled Workers Program. In order to apply, you need to meet the 67 points criteria that are evaluated on the basis of certain factors such as age, work experience, language proficiency and many more.

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  • Provincial Nominee Program

PNP is the next best pathway for tech workers. There are a total of 9 provinces that have different PNP’s with different eligibility criteria. The most popular province is British Columbia as it is the hub for all the tech professionals. Moreover, Ontario also welcomes tech experts with an open arms attitude. Well, there are two ways to apply for PNP, one is you can apply for the PNP directly, or the other way is to apply for PNP via Express Entry.

  • Start-Up Visa

The Start-up Visa is a smart move taken by the Canadian Government to captivate the interest of tech workers from all across the globe. Well, with the help of this program, Canada has been attracting a chiliad of immigrants since last few years. So, if you have any business idea that you think would work in Canada, you can apply for this visa and flourish your business in the maple country.

  • Global Talent Stream

There exist many temporary pathways for tech workers who don’t want to settle in Canada permanently. In fact, working in Canada on a temporary basis can boost your chances of getting permanent residence as there are many immigration programs such as Canadian Experience Class that work in congruence with the global talent stream. GTS is the best pathway that enables the Canadian employers to recruit and hire the tech workers and bring them to Canada in four weeks.

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Canada Immigration amidst the Pandemic

Covid-19 has impacted the Canadian Economy to a greater extent; however, this country is still making sheer efforts by accepting the applications of the tech workers. Moreover, the maple country is conducting back to back draws, sending invites to all the deserving candidates so that they can bring the economy back on its track. When it comes to sending invites, Canada adopts a benevolent attitude, which is the top reason why immigrants want to move to Canada permanently. 

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