What are the exciting Benefits of getting Canada PR?

The Canada PR is basically a five year visa under which an aspirant can apply after fulfilling certain eligibility requirements. After becoming permanent residents of Canada, you can enjoy Canada PR Benefits which is similar as of Canadian citizen holder. Though, you will not enjoy voting rights and unable to take part in Politics activities and so on. Once you got Canadian Citizenship, you can participate in Politics. In order to get a citizenship, you need to live in Canada for at least 3 years out of 5 years.

There are various Canada PR programs that rendered by Canadian immigration authority for prospective immigrants like in Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Canada provincial nominee program, Entrepreneur program, Investor program, Federal skilled self Employed program (in Cultural and Athletic Activities) etc. To apply in any of these programs, you first need to fulfill all the Canada PR Requirements.

After careful search and contact with an experienced immigration consultants will make the task effective to select the appropriate immigration options wherein you are eligible to apply for Canada PR Visa application. On getting PR visa, you can avail the following Canada PR Benefits as:

  • You can enjoy it’s amazing and fully developed social help system. Canada conducts various courses for those individuals who have lost the job and willing to start course in newer field. Similar is also helps aspirants to choose and gain a well paying job quickly.
  • Canada provides remarkable Medicare and healthcare services once you got Canada PR. Besides this, quality of free schooling and highly subsidized university education will be provided.
  • If anyone goes unemployed, the social security advantages will be given to permanent residents. As anyone grows older, Canadian government make sure its peace of mind through providing pension and retirement facilities to senior citizens.
  • Canada is known to be a multicultural immigration destination. Besides this, harmony and peace does exist, and other foreign individual who eager to open a business can start in Canada.
  • It is the second largest country in the world after Russia which has an abundant of natural resources. IT, Aerospace, Tourism, Real Estate, infrastructure, Hospitality and in Automobile manufacturing industries offer abundance of business and job opportunities to aspirants.
  • After meeting Canada PR points and becoming permanent residents of Canada, the holder will be in position to get benefits of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreements).
  • The principal candidate can make his/her spouse or Children of part under immigration application who is up to 22 years old. As far as parents are concerned, he/she can bring then in Canada through Canada super visa.

There are some more Canada PR Benefits listed out as follows:

  • CCTB (Canada Child Tax Benefit): For those families whose children are less than 18 years old are regarded to have low income, the government of Canada offers monthly tax free payments in order to cover the expenditures.
  • Canada Pension plan, Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement: All these three programs are designed to offer financial support to workers when they reach at retirement age currently, it is 65. To be qualified, you need to satisfy specific Canada PR requirements and contribute the system through paying taxes in Canada.
  • Avail free Education: Children who are under 18 years old, they are entitled to get a free education in any Canadian public school system.
  • Universal Healthcare: The most important medical expenses can be got through Canadian Universal Healthcare system. These include visits to emergency room, yearly exams and immunizations etc.
  • Parental and Maternity leave: If you attain Canada PR visa, you can avail benefit of maternal as well as paternal leave. When a new born baby is born or adopted, you will be given leave. Women in Canada can take for at least 12 months maternity leave and get 50 to 65% of their normal income. Parental leave is also granted for up to 35 weeks. In order to be eligible for parental leave in Canada, you need to work for at least 600 hours in Canada.

If these Canada PR benefits attract you and want to know rest of Canada PR requirements you can connect with Aptech Global. By filling the online assessment form, you will soon get a call back from one of our Canada visa consultants.