What Are The Different Jobs That Can Help You In Receiving Australia PR?

Australian Immigration Program is one of the largest in the world. Almost every third person wishes to settle and work in this wonderful country. The annual intake of 190,000 migrants for permanent residency is the attractive force behind migrants flocking the country. Nearly 70% of the immigration intake is reserved for the skilled migration visa programs.

So, as skilled migrant planning to apply for Australia permanent residency Visa, know that if you fall under any of the below mentioned occupations then you might land job sooner than expected in Australia!

  • Nurses
  • Secondary School Teachers
  • Electricians
  • Metal fitters
  • Motor Mechanics
  • Carpenters

Thus, the above mentioned jobs are trendiest in Australia for the year 2018-19

According to SBS, Australia has reserved 17,300 places for nurses under the Skilled Independent visa Subclass 189 for the year 2021.

This year, the quota for electricians has been fixed at 9303, and Secondary School Teachers, it is 8480. Carpenters and Joiners have a quota of 8372 whereas metal fitters and mechanists have a quota of 6979. Motor Mechanics are given quota of 6099 this year.

The quota for the occupations is set at large number for this year! The good news is less than a handful of occupations have been filled so far, only 15 electricians and 115 secondary School Teachers have received an invitation. 10 motor mechanics, 6 carpenters and joiners, and only 3 metal fitters have received an invitation to apply for permanent residence of Australia.

So, what do you get from this?

The occupation filling is still very much required and you have the perfect option to apply for Australia PR as now is the perfect time to plan your move.

Who knows, that may be in next few round results, you get an invitation to apply from the Australian Government. Though, there is great demand for certain occupations in Australia, however only few people are able to meet the eligibility requirements for Australian Permanent Residence.

Indians are the maximum contributor of skilled workers in Australia, and are doing very well in the country, happily enjoying their life as permanent resident.

However, some people are not able to get invitation in the occupations that require English proficiency in Australia but not in India. Occupations like Carpenters, Motor Mechanics etc do not require language proficiency in India but if they want to apply for Australia PR, their English proficiency is the mandatory requirements.

Here, our Indian workers lack in getting nomination from the Australian Government.

Not only these occupations, but there are some other occupations as well that are equally in-demand in Australia labour market.

Check the occupation on Australia occupational demand list 2018 to know whether you are eligible to apply for permanent residency of Australia or not?

David Littleproud, Australian Agriculture Minister told SBS that Agriculture in Australia is in short-supply of labour. Additionally, there is huge skill shortage of skilled workers in Australia’s regional and rural areas.

In disparity, there are some occupations like Accountants and Software Programmers that are attracting high number of applications resulting in quota filling at an exuberantly high speed.

Do you know that this year almost 7200 places for Accountants and 1231 places for Software Programmers have already been issued? So, if you fall under pro-rata occupations, you must apply for permanent residency soon before it is too late!

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