What are the Canada Visa Requirements to Immigrate in 2021?

When it comes to Canada, this country has always been the cream of the crop, whether it is visiting the country for experiencing a rejuvenating vacation or settling there permanently with your family or pursuing higher studies. In fact as per the latest Canada Immigration trends, it has been noticed that most of the folks, especially the Indians apply for a Canadian Visa and walk on the beautiful pathway of Canada Immigration. The increasing number of candidates is a positive indicator that the maple country is still open to more and more immigration candidates who are interested in giving Canadian economy a different edge.

There are different types of Canadian visas; each having different Canada Visa Requirements that one can choose in order to immigrate to Canada. Suppose, for example if you want to move to Canada as a visitor, you can apply for the Visitor Visa, on the other hand, if you want to get settled in Canada permanently, then you can opt for Canada PR Visa. Similarly, if you are the one who’s planning to pursue higher studies, then a Canada Student visa is the most appropriate option that you can choose. The reasons for Canada Immigration are numerous; it depends solely upon you as to what is yours!

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No matter the reason, always keep in mind that Canada is a land with enriching opportunities that are sure to take your life and career to a new horizon. Every Canadian Visa, doesn’t matter if it’s a temporary or a permanent one, requires you to meet certain Canada Visa Requirements so that things can work smoothly right from the beginning till the end.

So, if you are interested in Canada Immigration in 2021, there are many visa categories you can apply for depending upon your set goals and requirements, however below-mentioned are some of the common Canada Visa Requirements that you need to meet if you want to successfully knit a beautiful net of Canada Immigration. Have a look!

  • Age Requirements

The requirements will be based upon whether you are an adult or a minor (below 18 years of age). You need to be at least 18 years of age if you want to apply for a Canadian Visa. On the other hand, if you are dependent you will be attached as a dependent with your parents. The minors are always attached as dependents along with the main applicant.

  • A Valid Passport

In order to immigrate to Canada on a Canadian Visa, a candidate is required to have a valid passport. At the time of applying for a Canadian Visa, no matter temporary or permanent, a candidate is required to have a valid passport that must contain a valid passport number, the date of issue and expiry and your personal credentials such as your age, address etc.

  • A Valid Proof of Paid Canadian Visa Fees

If you are really interested in Canada Immigration, then you need to pay the required fees for the Canadian Visa you are choosing. Basically, there are two types of fees that you need to pay, the first one is application processing fees and the other one is biometrics fees. Prior to selecting the moist appropriate Canadian Visa, don’t forget to take a tour of the fees section.

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  • A Valid Proof of Your Financial Means

Proving that you are financially stable is mandatory if you want to apply for a Canadian Visa. A financial proof is a major requirement that a candidate needs to fulfill if he/she wants to immigrate to Canada hassle-free. As per this, you need to provide your bank statements, letters of evidence showcasing your annual earnings.

  • MCC and PCC

Prior to Canada Immigration in 2021, showing that you have a clean bill of health is mandatory. You can do this by submitting your medical clearance certificate. Furthermore, you are also required to make sure that you are free from any kind of criminal offences from the past or present. For proving your good character, you need to submit a police clearance certificate.

Final Words

The above are some of the Canadian Visa requirements (to mention a few) that an aspiring candidate needs to fulfill for Canada Immigration in 2021. There are other requirements as well which entirely depend upon the type of Canadian Visa that you are going to choose. There exist many pathways such as Canada express entry, Canada PNP, Canada student Visa, Family Sponsorships and many more. So, trigger this move carefully to eliminate the loopholes and hurdles which otherwise may come your way of Canada Immigration. 

Are you ready to experience your dream life in Canada? Go ahead and apply for the Canadian Visa that is a perfect shadow of your set goals and requirements.

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