What Are Key Requirements To Apply For Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program?

Settling in a new country like in Canada is not always an easy process to accomplish. Thus, Canada has laid down several provincial nominee programs to successfully live and immigrate to there. On these of PNP programs, one of the most famous and quicker ways to settle in Canada is well-known as Nova Scotia PNP.

Nova Scotia is one such Maritime Provinces of Canada that provides implausible lives to its citizens and appreciates new entrant to come into the economy as well as enjoy the quality range of services. Being situated in the easternmost of Canada, it is bounded by gorgeous landscapes, coastlines, sunny beaches, lush green forests, wild islands and many more. If you want to enjoy all these places, you can follow up the pathway of Nova Scotia PNP.

The Nova Scotia PNP aims at attracting more foreign skilled applicants who have required skills set for contributing towards the growth and development of Economy. Under this program, only those foreign nationals are allowed who have intent to live in the province and satisfy the requirements of employer. Basically, it opens several immigration pathways to invite applicants across various visa categories.

However, the most visa applications are handled through the popular and fast track process of Express Entry system. To be eligible for Nova Scotia PNP in Express entry, you must fulfill necessary key eligibility requirements that are summarized in given below:

  • You must have a valid Express Entry profile.
  • Your profile must be listed under Nova Scotia Demand list to apply for Express Entry.
  • A minimum 67 points or more out of 100 must scored through six selection key factors. Check your points using Nova Scotia PNP point Calculator.
  • You must obtain a minimum of one year of full time paid continuous work experience in the targeted occupations.
  • You need to prove that you have enough funds to support yourself and your family to successful settle in Nova Scotia.
  • You must be proficient in English or French language ability and hence, you are required to score a minimum 7 CLB in IELTS in Each module.

The exciting opportunities at Nova Scotia PNP are waiting for you. To get latest updates about Nova Scotia Latest Draw, it is suggested to connect with Aptech Global. Once you fill the online assessment form, your related concern will solved by one of our PNP Canada specialist.

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