VETASSESS Assessment, Australia 2021 – Explained Step-by-Step

Planning to immigrate to Australia in 2021 via taking the skilled immigration pathway? If you are taking the skilled immigration pathway, you need to get a positive skill assessment from a designated assessing authority such as VETASSES. Having a positive skill assessment eases the entire process of Australia immigration and boosts your chances of getting an approval for the visa.

Now, what is VETASSES?

Well, VETASSESS is a designated skill assessment authority that is approved by the Australian Government for assessing skill assessments of the candidates who have applied for the skilled immigration and employer sponsored visa. Every year, this authority assesses the profiles of a great number of immigrants applying both offshore and onshore.

Getting skills assessment done from VETASSESS is mandatory if you want to submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) through an online skill select.

You can say, VETASSESS skills assessment is basically a background check that helps to select the most deserving candidates who can contribute their part towards the growth of Australian economy as a whole.

There are two streams for the VETASSESS skills assessment such as:

  • For General Occupations
  • For Trade Occupations

If your occupation falls under the skill trade, then you can apply under the trade occupation stream. On the other hand, if your occupation is non-trade, then you can apply under the General occupation stream.

As a newbie, you might be having certain questions about VETASSESS assessment for Australia Immigration. So, below-mentioned are the top questions that are sure to trigger any mind who is thinking of Australian Immigration via the skilled migration visa.

Have a look at the top questions asked by various clients!

  1. How will VETASSESS validate my degree if my university is closed?

Well, VETASSESS don’t visit your university as they are aware about identifying the fact that your education degree corresponds to Australian education standards or not. Also, in case of further information or cross checking any submitted details, they contact the universities directly because the admin offices are still open.

  1. What if I am unable to gather my documents within the set time frames?

Well, if this is the case, then both VETASSESS and the Australia Immigration authorities are well-aware that this is a difficult phase for all due to the wreaking havoc created by Covid-19. In this case, the assessing authority will try to be flexible as much as they can, however, please keep in mind that you don’t do any leniency just to take advantage of the flexibility.

  1. My Office is closed, in this case, how will VETASSESS validate the employment record?

Well, in this case, it’s always better to discuss the situation with either the agent or the Australia Immigration authorities. Well, due to the office closure, it’s clear that you will not be able to get an official document related to work experience and employment record, but still it depends upon case to case. So, inform the authority’s well-in-advance if this is the case.

  1. Why should I consider a skills assessment when Australian Borders are closed?

It is true that the Australian borders are closed, however, you can still apply and obtain a positive skill assessment for your nominated occupation as the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) is still processing Australian Visas. The Australian Government is still facing skill shortages and that’s the reason why it is processing the visas of the people who are applying for Australia Immigration.

Final Words

Australia Immigration is not as easy as it seems, however, with proper guidance and profound knowledge, the whole immigration process becomes easy! So, if you are interested, you can apply for the skilled migration visas and get your skill assessment done as the Australian Government is still processing the visa applications. Apply now! Good Luck!

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