Unite with your family via Canada Super Visa

Canada Super Visa is the visa issued by the government of Canada in the interest of Parents and Grandparents of the Canadian Citizen or a PR holder. Super Visa allows the parents or the grandparents of the PR holder or the citizen to visit and stay in Canada for a time period of two years. Super Visa provides multiple entries into Canada up to 10 years.

Who can be eligible for Canada Super Visa?

To be eligible for Super Visa an individual must be a parent or grandparent to a Permanent Resident or a Canadian Citizen.They must also have a letter of invitation signed by their child or grandchild inviting them to Canada.

Getting a letter of invite does not guarantee a visa, the parent or grandparent visa also requires a promise signed by their child or grandchild for the Financial Assistance to support and facilitate their stay.

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This visa allows the eligible parents to stay and visit in Canada for the term of 2 years without the need to renew their status. A person will only be allowed to stay in Canada if his/her answers are found satisfactory by the Visa Officer. The applicant should be able to convince the officer of their return towards the end of the due date.

What is the Canada Super Visa Requirements?

To be an eligible for Canada super visa, applicant you must

  • Be the parent or grandparent of a PR holder or a Canadian Citizen living in Canada.
  • Have a letter of invite signed by your Canadian child or grandchild which must include:
  1. Financial assistance and responsibility throughout the stay.
  2. Number of people living in the household.
  3. A copy of the person’s status as a Canadian Citizen or PR holder documents.
  • Have a medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company which should be valid for up to 1 year from the date of entry.

You need to:

  • Meet other required conditions
  • Get a medical examination
  • Allowed to enter Canada
  • Apply for super visa from outside Canada

Your depend child or grandchild or another individual would not be included in the application.

Proof of Funds

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The child or grandchild inviting their parents or grandparents needs to show that they are financially sound and can meet their household meets the minimum income requirements. The documents required are:

  • Bank Statement
  • Pay slips
  • Letter of employment including salary and date of hiring
  • Insurance (employment)
  • Notice of Assessment

We should also consider:

Visa officer will review your application thoroughly before giving a nod. You must be a genuine visitor who intends to return back to his/her own country after the end of their stay.

Things that are taken under consideration are:

  • Your obligation and bonds to your home country,
  • The reason of your visit to Canada
  • Your assets and properties 
  • Your family
  • Your social and political ties or a position of responsibilities held by you in your home country.

What is the application fee for Canada Super Visa?

The application fee for Canada Super Visa per applicant is $100 CAD.

How long does it take to process the application for Canada Super Visa?

The processing time for the application may vary from one to another it can take minimum 8 days to process the application or it could also take as long as 45 to 50 days for the processing of the application.

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