Are you terribly missing your children or grandchildren living in Australia?

You have done so much for your children, ran pillar to post for their Australian Permanent Residency and they have forgotten to invite you to the party?

Hurray! Australia has the answer to your this problem as well! There are temporary and permanent solutions available to connect the lost gap between you and your children.

Australia Parent Visa is the solution to bridge the gap between your dear ones. This visa allows you to live in Australia provided you are a parent of Australian Citizen, permanent resident and eligible New Zealand citizen. The visa also allows you to avail multiple benefits.

There are mainly three permanent parent visas that could be applied for:

  • Offshore Contributory Parent subclass 143 visa
  • Onshore Contributory Aged Parent Visa subclass 864 visa
  • Onshore Aged parent subclass 804 visa

Additionally, there is an off-shore non-contributory parent visa subclass 103 visa that takes around 30 year processing time.

There are two category under Parent Visa Subclass; Contributory and Non-Contributory

The Contributory (Subclass 143 or 864):

  • Subclass 143 is a contributory permanent visa that lets parent to live in Australia permanently. The basic condition to apply for subclass 143 is that the sponsor must live lawfully and legally from the past 2 years before lodging the application.
  • Subclass 864 is for the parents above 65 years who can apply for Australia Parent visa.

Both the above mentioned Contributory visas have much shorter processing time. However, they have high visa application charge.

The Australian government charge high application fees to process your application faster.

The Non-Contributory (Subclass 804 or 103):

  • Subclass 804 is an aged parent visa that gives an opportunity for the older parents to come and settle in Australia to live with their children provided the child must be either Australian citizen, permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen. This visa also allows aged parent to live permanently.
  • Subclass 103 allows parents of Australian citizen, permanent resident holder or an eligible New-Zealand citizen to live permanently in Australia along with the child. The processing time for this visa is very long! You have to wait for 30 years to get this visa granted.

The number of decisions made on Australia parent visa applications is pre-decided that is only certain number of applications are invited within any financial year. There are huge applications lined up in the immigration office for the Australia Parent visa and thus, this is why the processing of parent visas takes so long.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has introduced a two stage Australia Parent visa process:

  • In the first stage, temporary visa is granted and is valid for 2 years. Prior to the expiry of temporary visa, you may apply for the permanent Australia Parent visa.
  • After meeting the time duration, can apply for permanent parent visa.

Are you eligible to apply for parent visa?

Yes, you are eligible to apply for parent visa provided your sponsor meets certain requirements:

  • The child must be 18 years or above
  • The child must be living lawfully in Australia
  • The child must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen
  • The child must be settled in Australia at the time of application is lodged

Additionally, you also have to meet certain requirements to be able to apply for Australia Parent Visa:

  • To apply offshore, you must be outside Australia
  • You must meet the balance of family test
  • You must character and health requirements

Therefore, if you comply with the above mentioned eligibility requirements then you may apply for the parent visa.

Hence, reuniting family is important to Australia!

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