With having so many reasons to visit Australia, the country is known as “the land down under”, which derives from the country’s position in the Southern Hemisphere, as the part of United Kingdom. Australia has its varied landscapes, friendly locals and a long list of amazing ‘bucket list’ experiences.

The topmost popular reasons of visiting Australia are Snorkelling and Scuba diving in the region of Great Barrier Reef. It is regarded as largest living organism of the world and this whole Reef is bigger than the United Kingdom, Holland and Switzerland as a combined. Its East Coast alone expands a vast 4000 km from Melbourne to Cairns and will take around 50 hours of unstopping driving to cover up the whole coastline. The country “Australia” is considered as the home of about 10,685 beaches, approx. 500 national parks and islands of about 8,222.

Australia is actually as nowhere else on the Earth with having approx. coastline of 36,735 kilometers, with greater than 3,000 national reserves and of 15 World Heritage Listed sites. A good Combination of natural wonders, wondrous wine and food, culture, vivacious cities, history.

Advantages of getting permanent residency in Australia:

Getting Permanent Visa:

The Australia Permanent Visa is often a permanent Visa which offers the right to live in Australia for some indefinite period of time. You can take pleasure of the rights and privileges of travelling from and to Australia when you will obtain the PR visa.

Autonomy of Study and Work:

This Visa will provide unrestricted freedom by enrolling in desired course of study. It too provides varied options to choose the education at university level. Not only in the part of Study, but it is quite easier of working with the PR visa. You can work in any occupation with any employer by having the Australia PR holders.

Profits of Social Security:

In order to become eligible for social security profits, the permanent residents have to live in Australia with the PR visa for 2 years. The social security includes unemployment, student and sickness benefits that are provided by Department of Social Security in Australia.

Healthcare benefits:

The critical privileges that are to be enjoyed by the holders of PR in Australia are Healthcare benefits. There are government-run Medicare health insurance scheme advantages that are available to Permanent Residents. By getting this, you can enjoy free of cost treatment at funded medicine and government hospitals as well.

As the Australia Visitor visa is the topmost demanding one among the applicants, it is essentially that Australia Visitor Visa-FAQ require to be addressed to aid the readers and future visitors to have a good understanding about it. Following are some of the raised questions enquire by the clients:

  1. Which form of visa do you need to have a visit to Australia on a holiday?

Tourist visa

  1. What are the dos and don’ts while having a tourist visa?

The dos:

  • Have a holiday or to visit to your friends & family in Australia.
  • Go on a cruise.
  • The chance to study or train in Australia for up to three months.

The don’ts:

  • Cannot stay for greater than 3 months usually and not more than 12 months in special cases.
  • Cannot work and to not undergo any medical treatment throughout your stay.
  1. What is the eligibility for applying?
  • You should be an authentic visitor who is interested only in a temporary stay.
  • You or any of your family members should have cleared the debts with the Australian government if any.
  • An individual should have sufficient money to cover up the expenses in Australia. lt is approximately INR 1.5 lakhs per person.
  • One should have a valid passport with more than validity of 6 months.
  • An individual should submit a proper proof of employment.
  1. How to apply?

There are two modes for applying i.e., Online or Offline. One is now able to apply either online via offline for an Australian tourist visa.

Online mode:

  • Create an ImmiAccount. Visit this Immi Account portal and click on to “Create ImmiAccount”.
  • Login to your ImmiAccount and to create an application. Log in using Immi Account and create the application.
  • Attach all the required documents.
  • Pay the fees and wait for the visa to be processed.

Offline mode:

  • Visit the Australia Immigration website.
  • Pick up the category of visa according to your requirement.
  • Print the application form for the respective visa.
  • Fill the form offline with all the details and ready to sign it.
  • Attaching the original documents given by embassy.
  • Submit the form by visiting the embassy.

It is mandatory that you attach two passport size (35 mm * 45 mm) photographs along with the form.

  1. With having a Tourist visa, what is the time period to stay?

Normally, with a tourist visa, you can stay for at least of a period of 3 months. But in particular cases, you can stay a maximum of a period of 12 months. If you are searching to get a visa extension then you have to apply for a new visa altogether.

  1. How much cost it require?

It costs about AUD 140 for each applicant. As of Dec 8, 2018, it equals INR 7195.60.

  1. How long it will take to process for an Australian tourist visa?

It takes about 15-30 days process for Australian tourist visa for Indians. There is also a fast-track process for which you have to pay an extra AUD 1000 per application and the processing time for that is 2 working days.

Now, we have answered all the questions that enquire about Australian tourist visa, 

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