Tips to Remember When Submitting Visitor Visa Application to Canada

Rejection of your Canada Visitor Visa application can be apparently, because of ‘no’ reason. In this scenario, being truthful and hope for the best is the only key for successful grant of visa to Canada.

Aptech has following tips for you to significantly overlook chances of rejection.


1)     Be Clear on Your Purpose of Visit

Your purpose of visit should be clear and precise in context. If you are going to see your Boyfriend/ Girlfriend/ Better half, then tell this to authorities. Do not tell vaguely that you are going to meet a special one or a family member. Based on your purpose of visit statement, your intentions will be judged, so make sure to bring a clear picture on the table and avoid beating about the bush.


2)     Declare Your Status in Home Country with Cautiousness

Your current status in your home country must be declared correctly. Whether you are a citizen, temporary resident or permanent resident at your home country, it must be professed properly in front of the authorities.


3)     Current Relations With the Home Country

Your relation with your home country gives an image of how well you are going to treat Canada as a visitor. There should not be any financial liability on you in name of your country. You are also expected to be economically linked with your home economy- be it employed or having a business set up of your own.  In nutshell, you must be contributing your bit towards the economic development of your home country.


4)     Travel History

Your past travel history also plays an important role. The countries you visited and the purpose of visiting those countries were taken into consideration before grant of visitor visa to Canada. Your behavioural patterns and spending patterns can also be asked by the authorities.


5)     Ability to Leave Canada

One of the mandatory conditions for grant of visitor visa to Canada is willingness to return to one’s home country after completion/ fulfillment of purpose of visit. Therefore, you must decisively resolve to come back from Canada after your purpose has been met.


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