Australia can be a great haven to settle and live your life in a peaceful environment, delighting warm sand on beaches and unique flora and fauna. Moving to Australia is not easy though, but you can be persistent from your facet to reach the goal of Australia immigration successfully.

As we all know, nothing is impossible in this world, and so is the Australia PR visa. Not just that we are eager to migrate to Australia, but the Kangaroo country is as well curious to invite the candidates who are well qualified and ready to relocate there. For that purpose the Department of Home Affairs, Australia has created a specialised stream, the General Skilled migration stream or the GSM. This stream is open to apply for by the candidates whose work experience can fulfil the labour market demands of Australia’s economy. 

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Australia PR visa, any individual with the dream to make the Kangaroo land their own, can apply for the streams in the GSM. 

Lets discuss in brief about the three prominent and most chosen streams of the general skilled migration category to apply for Australia PR:

  1. Skilled Worker Independent Visa subclass 189

This visa is for those skilled workers who are not nominated by any Australian state or territory. Therefore with this visa, a skilled worker can choose to search for jobs freely and without any restriction can settle in whichever state in Australia in a legal way. 

  1. Skilled Worker Nominated Visa subclass 190

The nominated visa is as justified by its name, is for those skilled workers who have been nominated by an Australian state or territory because they were comprehended to be apt for filling out the labour shortages in those provinces. Later completing 2 years of your stay in the designated state, you can work and live anywhere within Australia but make sure you meet other requirements as well before moving out of the nominated region!

  1. Skilled Worker Regional (Provisional) Visa subclass 491

Though it is not a permanent residency visa, but it could lead you to the Australia PR Visa ultimately. This visa is valid only for a period of 5 years and requires nomination from an Australia region also. But the perk does not end here; after completing 5 years finally, you can apply for the Australia PR, thence giving you the same status of permanent resident, which other above mentioned subclass visa provide.

Now coming to the Australia PR process, the process has to be followed in a step by step manner with keen precision in order to ditch any mistakes:

  • Select the right visa sub category;
  • Determine your eligibility; make sure you meet all the requirements before applying for the Australia PR;
  • A positive skill assessment report for the nominated occupation from a skill assessment authority is a highly mandatory pre-requisite without which the Australia PR is not possible to be achieved;
  • Score a minimum of 65 points to apply for the Australia PR;
  • Drop an Expression of Interest (EOI);
  • Respond to the Invitation to Apply (ITA);
  • Apply for the Australia PR and get an approval; and 
  • Move to Australia and live your dream

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The conclusion

Australia PR filling can be a hectic task but with proper knowledge and completion of Australia PR eligibility requirements, the process is as easy as clicking fingers!! So, don’t be worried and have confidence. Approach the Australia PR process with zeal and in case any doubt occurs in your thoughts, be quick like a rabbit to approach the professional Australia Immigration agency to cognize the correct & exact procedure to apply for the Australia PR.  


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