Secure a Place for Your Family through the Canadian Sponsorship Immigration Program

Canada is a community that values family relationships and it is well popular for family reunification which allows an aspirant reunites and to live and work along with family members. Do you wonder that as a Canada permanent resident or citizen, you are able to sponsor your spouse, dependent children or other eligible relatives through Canada Family sponsorship?

As a permanent resident, you might often want to bring your closed family members in Canada. In such case, the process of family sponsorship will solve the problem. The program has not only opened up new gateways for your loved ones but also they can access free education as well as public healthcare and they will be able to live a life with safety, security, tolerance and in Freedom.

Are you eligible for Canada Spousal Sponsorship? The eligibility for this immigration program depends on various factors like your age, residency status and being able to financially support your family members for a sufficient period of time.

Canada Family sponsorship is one the simplest and effective ways to move to Canada, though, the application process can easily effect if you didn’t submit complete information and furnish all necessary documents. Through hiring an immigration consultancy, you can make better chances to success of your application and you will be ensured that all applications submitted as per government norms and regulations.

If you are a holder of PR visa or a citizen of Canada, then you need to bring off some of the eligibility criteria in order to be eligible for sponsoring your loved ones. These are broadly listed in the following:

  • You are required to be at least 18 years old.
  • You need to prove that you are not receiving any social assistance (unless for disability).
  • You are required to provide basic needs like food, shelter and clothing to your intended spouse and another eligible relative.

Your spouse will get benefit under Spouse Visa Canada that there is no IELTS requirement, meaning that your spouse does not require attempting any language ability exam. Besides this, there is no points system and qualification required. The length of time for which you will respond to support your spouse or dependent children based on age of sponsored person and relationship to you.

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