Visa 189 is the permanent residency visa, where you can apply anywhere to live, work and permanently settle in Australia. This is the point-based visa where you do not require any employer or family sponsorship. Simply this visa is designed by the Australian immigration authority to attract highly skilled overseas workers who are ready to migrate to Australia and contribute to its economy.

Do you meet all the eligibility requirements?

Of course, you need to meet all the eligibility requirements to apply for Australia Visa 189, the desirable points, occupation in demand, English language proficiency are some of the eligibility criteria which decide for getting ITA (invitation to apply) by the DIBP. After meeting all the requirements you can apply for EOI(Expression of Interest) which is a set of questions you need to answer and show your interest that you are willing to apply for visa 189. if you meet all the eligibility requirements and score immigration score as per the cutoff of the Visa 189, you will get ITA from the immigration authority in which you have 60 days time period to apply for visa 189.

Is it easy to get an invitation from the Australian immigration department?

However, the reality is that a low immigration score does not guarantee the invitation. As there are many applicants in the same boat, who applied for visa 189, therefore it is important to beat them and score good points to get an invitation on priority bases. if you have low immigration points you may need to wait for a longer period, even you may not get ITA as the seats will be fulfilled by the skilled applicants scoring good points as compared to you.

Current invitation round results for Visa 189!!

The secrets of visa 189

1. First come, first served:

The first-come, first-served used by DIBP most of the time. If you and your friend have the same immigration score but you have lodged your application form prior then your friend, then your application form will be picked up first. The time of submission of the application form matters. This is the straightforward rule of the Australian immigration system.

2. You can edit your EOI

Many of the applicants who apply for visa 189, do not know that they can update your EOI once EOI is lodged. There is always the chance to update your EOI. Like if you have reappeared for IELS and scored good points, you can update your EOI with improving IELTS bands which alternatively increase your immigration score and enhances your chances of getting ITA.

3. you can lodge your EOI prior
The Australia Skill Select system is not lodging your visa application, it is all that the information you provided and the factors listed towards the point test. This means that when you lodge the EOI, you do not need to submit any supporting documents jut yet.

So, you can lodge your EOI as soon as possible! But you must also provide all the necessary documents later stage of submitting of the application form.

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