Provincial Nominee Program can be your key to Canada Immigration

The Provincial Nominee Programs of Canada issued over 1,400 invitations to apply for a provincial nomination in May 2022. Continue reading to learn more about what this entails and whether or not seeking for provincial nomination is right for you.

What is the Provincial Nominee Program, and how does it work?

Workers with the talents and expertise to contribute to the economy of a given province or territory can apply for the Provincial Nominee Program. Because provinces and territories cater to various demographics, each has its own set of standards. Provinces and territories, for example, might target a variety of categories, including students, businesses, and skilled and semi-skilled employees. This is one path for foreign nationals to become permanent residents of Canada.

In what way does the Provincial Nominee Program serve its purpose?

Under the Canadian Constitution, the federal and provincial governments share responsibility for immigration. Prior to the establishment of Provincial Nominee Programs, the bulk of immigrants to Canada settled in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. Provincial Nominee Programs were established in 1998 to assist provinces to have greater influence over who they choose to settle in their province, as well as to "spread the wealth" of newcomers to this nation.

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At least one stream in each Provincial Nominee Program corresponds to the federal government's Express Entry selection mechanism. If an Express Entry applicant is also recommended by a province, their application will receive bonus points. These extra points almost ensure a permanent residency invitation under the Express Entry program.

How to Submit an Application for the Provincial Nominee Program

The method of application is determined by the program to which you are applying. There are two methods: paper and online (referred to as Express Entry). Regardless matter how you apply, you will be needed to pass a medical test and a background check.

Eligible foreign nationals can file through one of the province or territory's non-Express Entry streams for the paper-based process. The province may nominate you if you fulfill the qualifying conditions. You can apply for permanent residency via a paper application once you've been nominated. This approach is more time-consuming than Express Entry.

You have two alternatives if you want to apply through Express Entry. You can first apply through the provincial or territory's Express Entry program. You create an Express Entry profile and demonstrate that you have been nominated if you are nominated. The second alternative is to build an Express Entry profile ahead of time and choose your preferred provinces and territories. Following that, you may receive a "notice of interest" from the provinces or territories you've chosen. You will make direct contact with them and then apply for their Express Entry program.

Provincial Nominee Programs: An Overview

Each province and territory has its own policy to attract talented workers to meet their own economic demands. Remember that each program has its own streams, thus there are over 80 provincial immigration streams in total, despite the fact that the number of provinces and territories in this nation limits the number of programs accessible.

Here's a quick rundown of some of the programs available:

  • Alberta Advantage Immigration Program: Consists of eight streams grouped into two categories: workers and entrepreneurs. Applicants must satisfy specified requirements and demonstrate a long-term commitment to the province.
  • British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program: This program is divided into three streams: Skills Immigration, Express Entry BC, and Entrepreneur Immigration. The program is aimed at skilled employees, overseas graduates, and other professionals who possess the necessary abilities, experience, and certifications in British Columbia.
  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program: There are streams for qualified professionals and families who want to live permanently in Manitoba. Renovations are currently underway.
  • New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program: There are streams for entrepreneurs, international graduates, and skilled employees in this program.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program: Targets skilled employees, foreign graduates, and entrepreneurs who fit requirements such as having a job offer, a desire to live in the province, and the capacity to develop a business in the province.
  • Nova Scotia Nominee Program: Seeks qualified skilled workers, international graduates, entrepreneurs, and professionals who want to live in the province permanently.
  • Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program: This program is for foreign employees, international students, company owners, and entrepreneurs who want to live permanently in Ontario.
  • Provincial Nominee Program for Prince Edward Island: Aimed towards skilled employees, overseas graduates, and entrepreneurs. Must plan to live and work in the province and be able to establish a business there.
  • Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program: Through its International Skilled Worker: Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand categories, the program selects and nominates eligible foreign individuals.
  • Nominee Program for the Northwest Territories: There are two streams, Employer Driven and Business, both with sub-streams, including one for skilled employees.
  • Yukon Nominee Program: Assists qualifying businesses in nominating international-trained foreign employees and entrepreneurs for permanent residency in Canada.