Australian Businesses will now utilise LinkedIn to the fullest. They can hire overseas workers under TSS (Temporary Skill Shortage) visa by meeting the labour market testing on LinkedIn. The Australian government has tugged the rules for the TSS visa. The reversal has been seen in the earlier rule of discarding ads on social media as a part of the requirements for LMT.

According to the fresh rules, the employers in Australia can satisfy LMT by placing ads in 2 places. Firstly on Job Active, the job portal of the government and secondly on LinkedIn, as quoted by the ABC Net AU

The rules are modified to create a balance. The Australian workers must be given priority along with recognizing the industry practices for recruitment, said the spokesperson of Alan Tudge, the Australian Minister responsible for the program.

The earlier rules mentioned in March 2018 specified proof of 2 ads with national presence within last 12 months. The previous changes banned LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and general classified sites such as the Gum Tree.

The latest development in this rule now accepts LinkedIn ads, and the window of ads has also been decreased to 6 months.

The immigration expert says that these changes permit usage of recruitment websites that are industry focused. However, ads on LinkedIn are designed to reach just specific contacts are not acceptable. For example, posts those are visible only within the network of the user.

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