Wondering About The Ontario Pnp For Canada Immigration

Ontario is one of the thirteen provinces in Canada and home to Ottawa. It is the most populous province of Canada. Being the leading manufacturing province of Canada, it has a huge demand of skilled workers. This could be the reason that the province has flexible procedure and requirements for the permanent residency in the region.

The answer to your question is the Ontario PNP through the Canada Express Entry.

If you are desired to go to Ontario, live there and settle there for life, then Canada Express Entry should be your next target.  

If you visit the website of Aptechvisa, then you would be invited with the free assessment form which can help you have a grasp on idea of how strong your profile is?

Ontario PNP is Ontario Provincial nomination Program which is an integral part of Canada Express Entry.

Canada Free Assessment Form

Ontario PNP procedure and streams are quite complicated that is why it is quite necessary to have complete knowledge of the eligibilities and the procedure.

Now let’s talk about the Ontario PNP points calculator

The Ontario PNP Points Calculator provides the maximum score for maximum achievement in an aspect. The minimum requirement to be scored in the Ontario PNP points calculator is 400 CRS points. For example you would be awarded with 110 points if you belong to the age group of 20-29.

Some of the factors which the calculator considers are following:-

  • Age
  • Educational Experience
  • Language Efficiency (Either English or French)
  • Second Language Ability (English or French)
  • Education and Canadian Wok Experience
  • Educational an Language Ability
  • Siblings in province
  • PNP nomination and many other related factors are considered.

Let’s look at the eligibilities of the Ontario Provincial Nomination Program.

There is not only one but many requirements which have to be met by the desired candidates like relevant skilled work experience, age, educational qualification, language proficiency, settlement plan and a proof of funds.

Leaving the detail work to the experts like Aptechvisa, let’s discuss the whole procedure in a concise way.

The first step is to calculate the eligibility to register for the Ontario PNP.

The next step is to create an Express Entry profile. The Express Entry profile has to be created on the IRCC portal.

If through your Express Entry profile, you receive the NOI (Notification of Interest) from the Ontario province.

After receiving the NOI from the Ontario province for Ontario PNP, a registered candidate can apply for the Human Capital Priorities Stream within the 45 days, with requisite fees depending on the basis of the stream selected.

After submitting the fees you have to wait for the nomination to be approved. Once the nomination is approved, the registered candidate is provided an additional 600 points. Now the candidate can apply for the permanent residence through the IRCC.

The process of application to the Ontario PNP is quite like climbing steps, one after one. The process becomes a lot easier if experts’ advice like that of the Aptechvisa’s are approached at the right time.

The procedure doesn’t take any longer than 120 days if the submission and other steps are followed with ease.  

At Aptechvisa’s online portal with free assessment form you can easily calculate your points to nominate yourself for the Ontario PNP. And scale your chances for getting invited later by the considering the point s in the Ontario PNP points calculator.

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