Ontario PNP Express Entry Points Calculator

Are you interested in moving to the most popular province in Canada? Well, yes You guessed it right; it is none other than Ontario Canada popular province that has something for everyone to offer! Ontario is thus an exciting province to live and work in. Its economy is such that almost all the jobs can be easily found in the commercial province of Canada.

To help identify key skills, experiences, and education, Canada offers different visa programs to accommodate the maximum number of migrants genuinely seeking Canada Immigration. The visa categories like Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs are specially created for skilled migrants to come and settle in the country.

Therefore, Ontario is a province and to live and work in this beautiful province, you are required to apply for Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). This program is employer-driven and is designed to give employers who can not find skilled workers to fill positions by recruiting the right foreign skilled workers with the right qualifications. Not only employer-driven but it is also a skilled worker program that lets an applicant settle in the province on a permanent basis.

So, if you are seeking to apply for Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, here some great news!

The well-liked and extensively applied OINP is inviting applicants as per the Director Requirement. This means that candidates are invited to apply by OINP as per the Directors Requirement that can CRS 300-350 also, or job-offer, etc. Yes, it is true! As per the information, the applicants might be invited with CRS 300-350 and not CRS 400 as was the case before!

Before moving ahead let us take a brief look at the province first!

Ontario: A brief background!

There are roughly 40% of the people are living in Ontario. The province is home to Toronto, the nation biggest city and the most important business and financial hub. Also, Ottawa is the home to the nations capital city.

Ontario is the economic, social and political heartland of the nation; it is also, beyond a doubt, the most well-liked place in the Maple Leaf Country for new immigrants from across the globe. It is also the most multicultural province in the nation. As per a report, nearly 50% of the nations new immigration has happily settled and made Ontario their home.

Introduction about Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP):

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is managed and run by Ontario. The province has as many as 10 different PNP streams and each one welcomes the potential applicants having an extremely specific set of skills and experiences. With the right set of skills, a candidate can get a nomination and permanent home in the province through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP).

The OINP enables international workers, international students and others with the required skills, education and experience to apply towards a nomination for permanent residence in the province of Ontario. There are different categories which are further divided into various streams.

  1. Employer Job Offer Category

As the name suggests, applicants must have a full time and permanent job offer from an employer to become eligible. This category is further divided into:

  • International Worker Stream
  • International Student Stream
  • In-demand Skills Stream
  1. Human Capital

The Human Capital Category for OINP is further divided into Express Entry and International Graduate Streams.

  • Ontario Express Entry

This category is for those applicants who have submitted their profile for the Express Entry program and are keen on settling in Ontario. The programs are consists of the following sub-categories:

  • French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream
  • Human Capital Priorities Stream
  • Skilled Trades Stream
  • International Graduate Stream

This category is for the students who have graduated from a University in Ontario, are eligible to apply for OINP under the international graduate stream. There are two subcategories under this stream:

  •   Masters Graduate Stream
  •   Ph.D. Graduate Stream


  1. Business Category

The business category allows applicants to come and settle their business in the province. There are two streams in this category:

  •  Corporate Stream
  •  Entrepreneur Stream

Out of all, the most popular is Ontario Express Entry Stream that allows applicants to apply for OINP provided their profile is in the express entry pool. Usually, the applicants with CRS 400 and above are invited to apply for provincial nomination.

The successful applicants receive 600 additional points for provincial nomination that further improves Canada PR chances.

Contact Aptech Global visa experts for more information and help related to OINP. Become a permanent resident in Canada using the popular Ontario PNP path! Make the most of the program by filling the Canada PNP Assessment form. One of the experts will contact you soon to discuss the Canada PR query.