Image and goodwill are very important factors to any organization be it small or large. One negative image can break the whole organization into pieces if not taken that criticism seriously.

For AptechVisa, reputation and goodwill are everything. We can go to any extent to sustain our reputation and goodwill that we have created since last 7 years.

How important are client reviews to the consultancy?

Well, very important! As being in a digital age, almost 90 per cent of clients before establishing association with an immigration consultancy check reviews online and around 88 per cent of clients actually trust reviews and decide their decisions on the basis of online reviews. This means that not having online reviews will lead to denial of 88 per cent of potential clients- the information they consider important for making a purchase!

Since everyone has online presence and wants to create a goodwill by creating website, including testimonials, creating social media profiles and updating Google business listing. However, your online image is not only based on the above mentioned factors but also by prevalence and power of online review sites like Google+, Yelp etc. You can use reviews to build your online reputation.

The reach and power of Online Reviews is such that 72 per cent of clients says that positive reviews make them trust an immigration consultancy more and they are likely to spend 31 per cent more on a business with excellent reviews. Though, 86 per cent will avoid availing your services if they read a negative review about you online.

The online review is such a massive thing that it is highly noticeable in search results of the immigration firms. In fact, many a times it has been seen that reviews pop first before the actual website!

How can online reviews benefit the immigration consultancy?

Positive reviews are indeed great for business but along with that there are certain additional benefits as well:

  • Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your client who is highly happy and content with your services and appreciating the same online through reviews is the best give a client can give to its immigration consultancy.

Here is a sweet gesture from one of our clients Sonal who applied for Australia 190. Read what she has to say!

  • External review sites are not only a highly trusted source of information but they also tend to generate reviews on businesses as a whole, rather than just focusing on specific product or service.
  • The reviews give the immigration company a stand out from other immigration consultancy. Usually, what the client likes about you the most is mentioned on the review and this can be utilised by the firm for promotions.

Our client Neeraj was highly impressed by our extensive knowledge! Read his AptechVisa reviews here

  • You can share the positive reviews on your websites and other social media accounts, amplifying their effect.
  • Online reviews help you in building your brand personality as well. How actively you respond to the reviews speaks a lot about you as a firm. If you take care of solving negative reviews and show gratitude for positive reviews, you can convey your brand personality and show your concern towards customers.
  • There should be a balanced mix of positive and negative reviews as no individual is same and everyone has their own perspective. So, if you find one or two bad reviews, there is no reason to worry. This adds transparency to your image that ultimately leads to customer trust.

Therefore, if you follow the above mentioned key guidelines, you can easily deal with reviews and can further use them in your support!