No Skill Migration Places Filled In Some Of Australia PR Visa

Australia is a leading immigration destination for the migrants across the globe who is trying every possible outcome to migrate as skilled migrants. There are many migrants who are still in long queue of visa applications and some visa places have no takers at all.

Out of 190,000 permanent visa places, nearly 70 percent is reserved for skilled migrants.

To migrate under Skilled Migration Program, the potential migrants must nominate an occupation from the relevant skilled occupation list under the preferred visa category. The skill migration programs are based on Skilled Immigration Points that invites skilled migrants to come and work to contribute towards the Australian economy. There are different categories under General Skill Migration Program. Australia Skilled Independent Visa 189 is one of the visa category under GSM that allows applicants to live and work anywhere in Australia- all applicants file an expression of Interest, and based on their points test score, the Department of Home Affairs then issues them an invitation to apply for Australia PR Visa.

The Australian Skilled Independent Visa 189 has nearly 44,000 places reserved in Australia’s annual immigration planning.

Some Occupations like Accountant and IT professionals are highly in demand and thus regarded as ‘pro-rata occupations’ because the Australian Government receives high number of applications in these occupations. Though, in some occupations there are no invites issued during the last financial year.

Of the 73 pro-rata occupations, there were minimum six occupations that did not receive a single invite in the year 2017-18.

The occupations were Wall and floor tillers, automotive electricians, electrical distribution trade workers, boat builders and shipwrights, precision metal trade workers and livestock farmers. The total visa applications places allotted for these occupations are 9,603 visa places.

Also, there were some occupations that saw only one application receiving an invitation in 2017-18. The occupations were sheet metal trade workers, cabinet makers, glaziers, panel beaters and barristers and some health diagnostic and promotion professionals. These occupations had 5,300 visa places.

To qualify for Subclass 189 visa, applicants require relatively higher level of English proficiency and appropriate educational qualification and work experience.

However, many migrants in trade qualifications are unable to meet the language proficiency requirements. They are also required to have appropriate educational qualifications and work experience.

Migration and Education Experts in Melbourne says, “The choice of occupations depends on the ease of doing the course and then the ability of the students to find an employer because most of them would look to gain post-study work experience and then employer sponsorships to make up for any gap in the points requirement.”

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