A New Zealand Tourist visa for tourists is granted to those who are eager to visit New Zealand. You are able to travel there with this permission to go sightseeing, visit, go to concerts, and engage in other leisure activities. This visa is typically issued for a stay of three months and is available with one entrance or multiple entries. Generally, the validity is for a year, however, this can change depending on the kind of visa you have. The visa does not, however, ensure that you will be allowed admission into the country, it must be emphasized. You may be denied entry if border officials discover a problem with your permission or with you.

New Zealand tourist visa/ Visitor visa process

There are two ways to apply for a tourist visa to New Zealand: online and offline. However, you must review the application eligibility requirements before continuing with the process. These criteria will determine whether or not you are eligible for permission. As follows is the process for obtaining a New Zealand visa:

Online New Zealand Tourist Visa Process

  • Go to the High Commission for New Zealand's official website.
  • Determine the type of visa.
  • Finish completing the application.
  • Add scanned images and documents.
  • Pay the payments for the New Zealand tourist visa.
  • After that, you can wait for the approval.

Offline New Zealand Tourist Visa Process

  • Downloading the application form is where you should begin.
  • Select the kind of visa you need.
  • Complete the application for a visa and the necessary paperwork.
  • Following that, you can gather the needed paperwork.
  • Deliver the papers to New Zealand Immigration
  • You can now pay the necessary money.
  • Wait till your documents are approved.

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New Zealand Tourist visa requirements

Before requesting a visa, the requirements for the permit must be satisfied. Otherwise, your application could be turned down. The following is a list of some of the crucial variables:

  • Pre-bookings for the return trip must be made, and you must have documentation of a confirmed visit.
  • You must travel there solely for leisure purposes; you may not look for or accept any type of work.
  • You need to be in good physical condition.
  • Before visiting New Zealand, you must get a medical examination and present the necessary documentation as proof of your physical fitness.
  • If you have a history of criminal convictions, you may not be given a visa.
  • You must be of good moral character.
  • Your expulsion or exclusion from another nation.
  • You are determined to be a danger to the nation.
  • You must own enough money
  • You must have access to or be in possession of sufficient means to pay for your stay in New Zealand and other necessary expenses.
  • A bank statement or other comparable document must be given as proof of the claim.

New Zealand tourist/visitor visa fee

NZ Fee:  NZD 246

Passport fee of INR 1010

New Zealand Visitor visa Processing Time

For both offline and online visas, the processing period needed to issue a tourist visa to New Zealand is roughly 20 days and 72 hours, respectively. The length of time will still vary based on things like the amount of work being done at the embassy office, the staff's availability, whether all the required documents have been filed or not, and other things. These characteristics have an impact on both time increases and decreases.

New Zealand tourist visa documents checklist

The issuing of this permission requires a number of different types of papers. Depending on the kind of visa, they could change. Indian nationals often need one of the following types of visas to visit New Zealand:

  • A genuine passport that is still valid at least six months before the intended departure date.
  • Pictures in a color that adheres to the photo standards
  • Confirmed airplane tickets
  • Income Tax Returns proof
  • A cover letter with all the necessary information
  • Proof of purpose of visit – invitation letter, exhibition or conference pass, etc.
  • Medical Certificate
  • Proof of lodging – hotel reservation, etc.
  • A bank statement or other comparable document that shows there are enough funds available.

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