If you wish to settle outside India, why not go for New Zealand immigration?

New Zealand is a beautiful island country with scenic beauty and blue water around. Its a small country though but has a plethora of opportunities for capable and skilled workers. People are bustling towards New Zealand for a peaceful life ever after.

New Zealand has an advanced market economy and thus the demand for the workers possessing specific skills. Having been ranked 14th in the 2019 Human Development Index, the island country provides overall suitable environment for the permanent settlers.

Now lets talk about the basic requirements for the application to New Zealand visa. New Zealand visa is the official permit for the dreamers to come to New Zealand. To settle in New Zealand permanently, a candidate has to have a New Zealand PR visa.

At Aptechvisa, we make the procedure and conduction of the whole process for the New Zealand immigration easy to understand for our clients.

To be concise about the process for the New Zealand PR visa, all you would be needing are:-

Age- Your age should be under 55 years.

Language proficiency- Taking authorized tests such as IELTS (6.5 bands required), PTE, TOEFL to prove the knowledge for English.

ood character and Health certificate eliminating the doubts of any criminal records or medical illness.

Must have sufficient work experience in the relevant occupation listed in the New Zealand Demands Occupation List

Get the minimum score in the point assessment grid

A job offer if applying to the Skilled Migration Category and

Meeting the visa requirements

On successful and continuous residency of 2 years in New Zealand, the resident can apply for the New Zealand PR visa. The New Zealand PR visa provides certain benefits which only the citizens enjoy.

Lets have a quick view at the benefits which come with the PR visa:-

A PR visa holder can live and work in New Zealand for an indefinite time

The holders can avail the healthcare facilities provided by the New Zealand government

Holders of New Zealand PR visa can also have an access to the education facilities given by New Zealand

You will become a permanent resident of the country for always

Now lets look at how Aptechvisa can help you get the New Zealand PR visa?

At Aptechvisas online portal, you can assess for free the eligibility after knowing which you would be confident enough to apply for the New Zealand immigration.

We will tell you the best suited stream for you as per the skills and work experience you possess. The most opted one is the Skilled Migration Category as ninety percent of the universities are not recognized by New Zealand for New Zealand PR Processand in such cases, most of the candidates are asked to go for the Pre Assessment Report (PAR).

Submitting the Expression of Interest (EOI) under the Skilled Migrant Category is the next step.

If an applicant scores more than 100 points then the concerned profile is pooled. The profiles with highest ranks are drawn from the pools by the Minister of Immigration in regular draws. The current selection point for New Zealand is 160.

The selected applicants are asked to evaluate their education and experience which they had mentioned before.

So that was the simple procedure of New Zealand immigration. Aptechvisa is dedicated to provide pure and authentic updates and information about the New Zealand immigration. Try our free assessment form to get started.