Migrate to Hong Kong Through QMAS Visa

Hong Kong is a thriving economy to attract thousands of oversees skilled workers in order to establish a business or lead towards the progressive growth of country. It is officially known as Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and regarded as one of the world’s most flourishing economies. Hong Kong is a hub of international trade and investment which weaves Asian and western culture to influence in the world class center related with trade, business and culture.

Hong Kong quality migrant admission scheme

The cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong is well known as the Fragrant Harbor which is financial core of Asia in trade and cultural hub. Up till 1997, Hong Kong was a British colony and flourished by western culture and lifestyle. However later on the Hong Kong countries joined with china and at present it is one of the wonderful immigration destinations from across the globe.

The Hong Kong stock exchange is placed at sixth rank. Though similar to other immigration country like Australia or Canada, Hong Kong is also facing the shortage of skilled workers in the economy. Currently, the country needs skilled and competent professionals. Thus, there arise to introduce the Hong Kong QMAS visa. The visa is principally introduced to give entry to talented workers from around the world.

The Hong Kong QMAS is a quota-based entrant scheme under which the applicants are required to accomplish certain set of pre requisites for any of two points based tests as and Achievement based test. The prevailing minimum pass marks for General points test is 80 that are based upon suitable factors namely, age, academic qualifications, work experience, talent list, language proficiency scores and family background.

Besides General points test, the Hong Kong QMAS visa also caters to give entry of an individuals with having exceptional skill or talents who acquired a remarkable achievements. These kinds of applicants may access for the achievement based point test. Though, the criteria under this point test are comparatively high. Candidates who are able to fulfill all these requirements will be awarded with 225 immigration points. Applicants either gained an award for exceptional achievements like in Olympic, international awards or expected to gain a lifetime achievement award from any industry.

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