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Immigration is a global phenomenon in which individuals move to other nations, usually ones that are more developed than their own, in quest of better chances for their personal and professional lives as well as a caring environment for their families and children. Your application for immigration must be accepted through a legal process that involves a number of checks and approvals. Over the past century, millions of individuals have migrated across the globe, with industrialized nations like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and England serving as the main immigration destinations both abroad and in India.

Your friends are your immigration advisors in Delhi, and they will support you as you wait for permission. From submitting your application to deciding which programs to apply for and the province to go to if you don't already have a destination in mind or a job offer in hand. Your consultants will make sure that your application is granted quickly and without incident.

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Canada, why?

One of the most popular places for immigrants from India to go is Canada. There are over a million individuals of Indian and Indian heritage living in Canada, thus it makes sense for thousands of people to immigrate there each year. Canada has a greater infrastructure, better facilities for healthcare and education, and much more. Your immigration advisors in Delhi will make sure you can locate the city where you and your family can get all you will require. Canada is an ideal destination for immigrants due to its extremely low crime rate and immigrant-friendly policies.

Searching for immigration advisors?

Delhi's immigration advisors are subject to ICCRC regulation (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council). The council is in charge of overseeing consultants from all over the world who provide consulting services to individuals seeking immigration to Canada. To maximize efficiency and convenience, the ICCRC works on ensuring that the immigration process is carried out without hiccups and that newcomers are handled in a uniform manner.

Get Express Entry

Express Entry is a framework set up by the Federal Government of Canada in relationship with the different provincial governments wherein whenever chosen, your migration application will be cleared with extraordinary speed and you will actually want to sidestep a ton of additional cycles and conventions. The system provides a shortcut for professionals whose skills are critically required by the native industries and businesses in Canada.

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There are three major programs that fall under Canada Express Entry:

1. FSWP – Federal Skilled Workers Program where skilled workers and professionals having their NOCs in demand in the Canada Labour Market can apply once they meet the eligibility criteria.

2. FSTP – Federal Skilled Trades Program where people having C Level NOC such as Plumbers, Drivers, Carpenter, etc. with a minimum CLB 4.

3 CEC – Canadian Experience Class where the applicant has been to Canada or is in Canada and has suitable work experience to apply.

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💡 Program for Federally Skilled Workers

All these programs have certain eligibility criteria and an applicant needs to score a good CRS to get a Canada PR.

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points applicants must earn are referred to as. The applicant's age, educational background, employment history, language abilities, and, if applicable, the educational background, career history, and skills of their spouse are all taken into consideration when determining the points. All of these points count toward the ultimate total on the CRS scale, which is used to decide whether an Indian applicant is eligible for Express Entry Canada.

If one has a job offer from Canada or a provincial nomination from any of the provincial governments, one can easily raise their CRS score.

With the assistance of Canada immigration consultants in Pune, you can get any sort of assistance with a Canadian permanent residence visa. Her professionals will fully inform you about the entire process so you won't run into any issues when applying for a permanent residency visa.

If you want to apply for permanent residence in Canada, you can do it on your own or with the aid of an immigration consultant.

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