In May, Ontario had two PNP draws.

During the provincial election, the PNP draw results in Ontario were kept secret.

According to a provincial government spokeswoman, Ontario staged two Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) lotteries in May.

During the provincial government election, which ended on June 2, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) delayed distributing draw information.

On May 4, Ontario sent 57 invitations to apply to potential candidates in the Expression of Interest (EOI) system pool who had a score of 27 or higher and were qualified for the In-Demand Skills stream.

The OINP then issued 535 notices of interest to possible applicants with a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 295 to 461 who would be qualified for Ontario's Express Entry Skilled Trades stream on May 26.

The In-Demand Skills Stream is all about providing people with the skills they need when they need them.

The In-Demand Skills Stream is more concerned with provincial demand than with occupational skill level. Numerous governments assigned "high-skilled" employments are the focal point of numerous immigration drives. Despite this, Ontario continues to have labor shortages in "low skilled" occupations.

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Foreign employees with qualified job offers in Ontario can apply for a PNP if they have worked in the province for at least nine months in the previous three years. Seasonal labor is ineligible for meeting the work requirement. If the candidate fulfilled the requisite amount of work hours, part-time work may be acceptable. This might be 1,200 hours of paid labor in one job over the period of 18 months or 1,200 hours of paid work in several jobs for at least 30 hours per week for nine months.

There are a few more prerequisites for qualifying. Applicants must, in addition to other things, have a secondary school recognition, a language score of something like 4 in all proficiencies, and suitable settlement funds.

Candidates must complete a profile in Ontario's EOI system in order to obtain an invitation under this stream. Ontario uses a scoring matrix to rate candidates' profiles. Among other things, it considers education, employment experience, and the desired destination in Ontario. The goal is to help applicants who have the necessary skills and experience to thrive in the Ontario labor market.

Candidates that register for the EOI system are not guaranteed to be asked to seek a provincial nomination. In this case, profiles are legitimate. Ontario's EOI pool will be open for a 12-month period. The OINP may contact registrants at any moment to invite them to submit a nomination.

Ontario’s skilled Trade Stream Under Express Entry

The OINP can use the Skilled Trades Stream to search the Express Entry pool for individuals who are currently residing in Ontario. The Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class, and Canadian Experience Class are three of Canada's key economic immigration categories, and the federal Express Entry system administers the pool of candidates for all three.

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Candidates must have a minimum of one-year full-time Ontario work experience, or the equivalent in part-time employment in a skilled trade classified in Minor Group 633 or Major Group 72, 73, or 82 under Canada's National Occupational Classification to be eligible for the Skilled Trades Stream (NOC).

To apply under either the Skilled Trades Stream or General Stream, candidates do not need a job offer, but they must fulfill all of the federal and provincial program standards.

Candidates selected for permanent residence in Canada through the Skilled Trades Stream earn an additional 600 CRS points and are practically assured an Invitation To Apply for permanent residence in Canada through the Express Entry system.