Important things you must know for applying Australia Partner Sponsorship Program

The relationship with partner demands commitment and time, so is the applying for Australia Partner Sponsorship Program. The applicant applying for partner visa of Australia requires a lot of patience and commitment to show their genuineness of long lasting relationship in order to receive Australia Partner Visa.

Australia Partner Sponsorship Program falls under Australia Family Sponsorship that allows spouse or de facto of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand to sponsor for Australia Partner Visa Subclass 100 and become the permanent resident of Australia. Firstly, the applicant is granted temporary visa subclass 309 through which you can live in Australia with your partner till the time your permanent visa is processed.

What all you must know before applying for Australia Partner Sponsorship Program?

  1. Australia Partner Sponsorship Program is costly as compared to other visa programs

It is said that Australia Partner Sponsorship Program is one of the most expensive visa programs in the world. A recent increase in the fees over the past five years is over four-fold.

The Australia Partner Visa base application charge is $7160 and another $3585 is charged for the additional applicant over 18 years and $1975 is charged for every applicant under 18 years of age.

Additionally, the migrant coming to Australia on partner visa is also required to pay for police check fees, medical examination whenever necessary. There are high chances of additional costs as well that might be asked by the Australian immigration department.

  1. Australia Partner Visa processing time

One should know that Australia Partner Visa processing takes longer than other visa category programs. The processing time depends upon application to application. So, as per the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the Australia PR processing time is as follows:

  • Australia Partner Provisional Visa Subclass 309: The 75 percent of applications are processed in 12 months and 90 percent of applications are processed within 17 months.
  • Australia Partner Permanent Visa Subclass 100: The 75 percent of applications are processed in 17 months and 90 percent of applications are processed within 21 months.
  1. The length of your relationship matters

Your visa processing time can be reduced if you have genuine and ongoing long-lasting relationship that is supported by relevant documents.

The applicants get visa approval before the two-year allotted period if the relationship is more than three years or there is child together.

  1. The relationship must be of genuine nature and of at last one year

If you are unmarried but both of you are living as a partner for more than a year having genuine intentions to stay with each other for longer period provided you must show honest documents like joint finances, written history or timeline of your relationship, correspondences, acceptances and recognition by others of the relationship etc.

  1. You may register for a de facto relationship and lodge partner visa if you are legally married but separated to someone else

Under Australian law, you cannot marry to your partner till the time you are legally married to someone else. Thus, a partner visa can be given if you show that your previous marriage/s (if applicable) has/have ended.

Australia Partner Visa Subclass is thus the ultimate gateway for the migrants who are already residing in the country as a permanent resident, citizenship or eligible New Zealand citizen to bring their significant other permanently.

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