Australia is a geographically diverse continent and they need more skilled migrants to come and work in the country. Thus, before moving it is better to have clear idea about the job market of Australia that you consider.

It is suggested that you research about Sydney job market by analyzing the market and job opportunities for your increased employment chances after reaching Sydney.

What it is like living in Sydney?

The famous Actor, Russell Crowe says, “There’s an ease that I have living in Australia. The best things about Sydney are free: the sunshine’s free, and the harbour’s free, and the beach is free.

Which job occupations is in-demand?

Every area of Australia has some occupations that are in-demand and often dictate the types of jobs that are required in the Australian labour market. There are some industries in Sydney that have the brightest futures where skill shortages are low despite the significant growth forecasts. These sectors include that have high career prospects are:

  • Healthcare and aged care
  • Education and Training
  • Construction
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Agriculture

Are you visa ready? Will you be able to work?

The Australian employers want you to be fully eligible to live and work in Sydney before offering a permanent role. There are some occupations that accept temporary visas like work permit, work holiday visa or subclass 489 temporary visa.

But work visa is only granted to really experienced candidates in talent-short industries to be offered assistance for work visa in Australian shores. On the other hand Permanent Residency visas are for every migrant willing to settle in the country on permanent basis. The PR rights are more as compared to work visas, thus know your PR benefits before starting yours job-hunting of Australian organizations.

Do you know how Aussies speak in Sydney?

It is suggested to spend time customizing with Australia’s local customs and interests. Many employers will assess your personality in an interview to see your professional capabilities (phone, email or face-to-face), in addition to your professional capabilities. If you want to stand out from other potential employees, engage the job employer with ‘Aussie Level’, such as via slang or a common sporting interest, such as Sydney’s NRL will definitely bring you in spotlight.

Also, Australians have a great sense of humour and they love it when you show that you’re a little bit human. So, if you can laugh at your own mistakes and be fine with it, you will be able to adjust happily in both professional and social life.

Are you well-aware about the Australian job application protocol?

Get updated with the Australia’s most common recruitment platforms like online SEEK and make contacts with some local recruiters to boost your local job market knowledge. You may also connect with local recruitment bloggers specifically focused on the Australian Marketplace- these top five were recommended by Social Talent:

  • Greg Savage- The Savage Truth
  • Nicole Underwood- Underwood Executive
  • Michael Specht- HR, Recruitment, and Technology
  • Alli Polin- Break the Frame
  • Mark Pearce- Strategic Recruitment Blog

It may be a daunting experience for you to adjust in the new country but the more prepared you are with knowledge and understanding the more likely you’ll be to gain employment.

Sydney is fast-paced and cosmopolitan with many career opportunities available for the workers willing to come and settle in the state on permanent basis. So, get your visa ready, do your research and make some connection to become a perfect Aussie Worker.

How to make your Australia PR simple and easy?

Sydney has high profile jobs for the skilled and qualified workers! It is said that work permit helps you with job employment bust the Australian Permanent Residency Visa is the best solution to get settle in country on permanent basis.

The Australian employers have trust on the workers who are on permanent visas as compared to temporary ones. The majority of job seekers on Australia PR visa get employment faster as oppose to people on any other visa category.

Know how different Australia PR visa programs can help you in getting permanent residency visas! Fill the free assessment form and connect to one of our visa and immigration experts of Aptech Global.

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