If you are planning to move Australia on permanent basis there might be range of emotions going around, a lot of excitement and anticipation, stress and nervousness go around as planning to international relocation is not the easiest thing to do.

Well, migrants who want to take pets along with them to Australia can take assistance from plenty of resources and professionals available. So, below mentioned are some of few tips that might help you in bringing the furry family member to Australia.

Good News! Many people have safely moved their dogs and cats to Australia, and how they have done is of course by following the below mentioned tips and taking assistance from the experts who takes responsibilities of sending your pet safely to your selected destination.

  1. You must start early and research the relevant requirements

Pet owners who are planning to relocate to Australia must start planning at least 6 to 12 months before. The immigration is a complicated process and one needs to be well prepared in order to avoid any costly missteps.

It is important to note that Australia is a rabies-free country which means that migrant pets must meet a series of time-sensitive requirements ending in mandatory 10 day quarantine. This is a lot scarier than it really is, but it’s pretty important to have a good handle on the process in order to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Mike Cardno, Regional Manager for North America and Oceania at Pet Relocation, estimates that entire process takes at least 180 days. It’s really important to take into account that both vets and pet owners are involved,” he says, and that’s why hiring an expert as early as possible in the process is strongly recommended.

Talking about quarantine facilities, Pet Relocation has found the staff to be very professional and the facilities well run. “We have every confidence that pets receive the special care they need while with the DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry) teams in Australia,” says Cardno.

  1. Take advantage of the resources available

As a migrant deciding to handle all or part of the move themselves or want to get a head start on settling in, it is advised to read blogs and explore social media like Twitter and Facebook to connect with people who have made this move before.

Moving pets out of home country is tedious task and takes a bit of time and effort; many people ultimately decide to hire experts to handle the logistics for them. Thus, handling over the work to someone who is does this in daily basis is an instant stress-reliever for pet owners and ultimately the pets themselves.

  1. Be flexible

It is always suggested to prepare towards the unexpected circumstances and be calm and composed. Try to be organized as possible and maintain the regular schedule for your pet in terms of eating and exercise in the weeks before the move.

Therefore, Australia is friendly country not only towards the newcomers but also towards their pets that are coming in the country on permanent basis. There are various PR programs available for the migrants to apply for Australian Permanent Residency Visa. The visa program includes- Australia General Skill Migration Programs like Australia Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189, Australia State Sponsored Visa Subclass 190 and Australia Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 489. The family visa programs include Family Sponsorship Program, Partner Migration, Parent Migration and Child Migration.

To know your ultimate chances of applying for Australia PR, it is suggested to fill the free assessment form and one of the visa experts of Aptech Global will soon contact you to discuss Australia PR case.