International Students who aspire to live and study in foreign land are often in worry about their living place in the country. When you are alone in foreign country, it is quite normal to feel anxious. There are a number of international students in Australia and the country offers a wide range of accommodation options to the numerous international students coming to study in Australia.

As a new student coming to Australia, here’s everything that you should know about student accommodation.

  1. On-campus accommodation

There are many universities in Australia providing on-campus accommodation. This allows you to live near libraries and lecture halls and thus save time. You also have all the University services close to you and the joy of living among your fellow students.

The cost of on-campus accommodation is different for different campuses. For example- University of Sydney’s International House Costs $8,300 per semester and The International House at the University of Queensland costs $2,565 per semester.

  1. Private Off-campus accommodation

If budget is not a problem then you have the option of living in a private off-campus accommodation. They tend to be luxurious but at the same time are heavy on pocket. You may choose to live alone in a studio flat or live in shared apartment. For example a suite room in Sydney will cost around $646 per week whereas a shared apartment in Brisbane will cost around $299 per week.

  1. Homestays

If you want to connect with typical Australian experience during your stay in Australia, live in Homestay. It will allow you to live with an Australian family rather than renting your own accommodation.

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Homestay is becoming popular among international students in Australia. You have the support of a family in Australia as well as freedom from other students.

  1. House/Room Shares

This accommodation is the most affordable option for students in Australia. Though, these accommodations are the least luxurious of others. The international students in the country often end up sharing space with 5 to 6 people. So, if your budget is tight then this is the decent option to go for.

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