What to do if you don’t have enough points to migrate to Australia? You deadly want to migrate Australia but lacking the points, you might be wondering how to increase your Australian immigration score?

Is there any way you can increase your total immigration score to migrate to Australia?

If you are willing to migrate Australia under General Skilled Migration Category to gain an Australian permanent residency visa, you must score good immigration points. Under the general skilled migration category, there are three subclass visa categories

  • Skilled Independent visa 189
  • Skilled Nominated visa 190
  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) work visa 491

Australia visa 189 and Visa 190 is the permanent residency visa where you can live, work and settle for an indefinite period, whereas newly introduce 491 visas is the temporary visa in which after meeting the necessary eligibility requirements you can apply for permanent residency to Australia. The points required are a total of 65 points where you will get additional5 points under visa 190 for state or territory sponsorship and you will get 10 points under visa 491 for regional or family member sponsorship. The Australia immigration points are subjected to the following factors

  • Age
  • English language proficiency
  • Work experience in your nominated skill
  • Points for work experience from overseas
  • You will earn more points for work experience gained in Australia in your nominated occupation
  • Qualifications

Calculate my total immigration Points!!

You will be awarded points for your educational qualifications for example:

  • Doctorate Degree
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Australia Diploma or Trade Qualifications
  • A successful authorized skills assessment in a recognized qualification.

Gaining Additional Points for Australian Skilled Migration:

There are several ways to gain additional points to add to your points tally.

  • If you have NAATI Accreditation
  • If your partner is applying for the same visa category of yours and meets the basic requirements
  • If you have completed a course in Australia that meets certain requirements
  • Completing a professional year course specified by the minister.

Another way to gain more points is if your partner is under 50 years of age, has competent English, (has a passport and able to get a score of 6 in all 4 IELTS Modules).

The other way from which you can gain more points is if you have good bands and marks in IETLS or PTE. Although the minimum eligibility requirement to apply for Australia skilled immigration is 7 bands in each modules of IELTS or 65 PTE marks in each module that is reading, writing, listening and speaking which will give you 10 points towards your total immigration score and if you have 8 bands or 79 marks respectively you will get 20 points towards your immigration score.

To apply for the General skilled migration program you will need to first “Expression of Interest” and then be invited through Skill select and also obtain 65 points. 


If you are unable to score good immigration points, you will unfortunately not get points for age, but alternatively, you can improve your tally by improving your IETLS score, improving skills and experience in the home country or can come to Australia for Study visa and gain additional points. There are many ways that you can increase your immigration score. 

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