How to Immigrate To Canada without a Job Offer

Canada, beyond any shadow of doubt has become a paradise for almost everyone who wants to live, work and settle in there permanently. On the other hand, Canada in itself needs millions of talented experts, to meet the labour shortage. It is the reason, why Canadian Government has launched various programs and still on its way, to introduce new ones.

Planning to immigrate to Canada? Don’t have a valid job offer? Well, there is no need to panic as there are many immigration programs, that can make the whole process a cakewalk for you.

So, don’t worry and apply under the programs given below, that doesn’t require a job offer. You can apply in various immigration programs, without any job offer or employment offer. All you do is apply under the Express Entry Program, in the category of FSWP (Federal Skilled Workers Program) and CEC (Canadian Experience Class) as well as under Canada PNP.

Express Entry Program is a program that was launched by the Federal Government whereas the PNP’s are offered by different provinces and territories.

Below is a list of programs under which you can apply as a skilled worker, that too without a job offer.

Under this, you can apply under the Federal Skilled Worker’s Program and the CEC i.e. the Canadian Experience Class. The good news is that you don’t need a job offer to become eligible to apply. Moreover, this program is being run by the Federal Government of Canada.

This province has gained much importance in the recent years due to its eligibility criteria. It selects candidates from Federal Express Entry. You cannot apply directly without an invitation. You just need to make an Express Entry Profile and show your interest in this province. 

It is operated by the provincial government of Saskatchewan, and has gained a lot if importance in the recent years because it has easier requirements, as compared to other provinces. Don’t have a job offer? Well no need to worry! All you can do is apply under this province without any job offer under the two streams: 

  1. International Skilled Worker-Occupation in Demand
  2. International Skilled Worker-Express Entry Stream (Read more about Saskatchewan PNP) 

It is a province, where you can apply for Canada PR without job offer. As a skilled worker, you can apply under 2 programs namely Express Entry Category B, and Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities. 

It is one of the best programs under Ontario province. You can apply  under this program, even if you don’t have any job offer. Moreover, you can apply through “Ontario Express Entry Human Capital Priorities stream” 

Eager to improve your hectic life? Well, the answer to this is to apply under Manitoba PNP and live the life of your dreams. Equipped with ample of opportunities, this province has so much to offer, and that too without a job offer. So, why wait? Apply now and fly to Canada. 

Grab a Canada PR First and Post that Scrounge For a Job

Apply under the programs mentioned above, and post that scrounge for a job in that particular province and live the best days of your life.

Usually the PR Visa remains valid till the medical certificate is valid, that is around 12 months. Within a period of 12 months, you can move to Canada otherwise your Canada PR will get expired. In the period of 12 months, you can scrounge for a job, and get the offer, from the employer that best meets your requirements.

Get a Job In Canada from India in 2020

If you’re pondering on how can you find a job in Canada, here’s is the solution:

  • Create LinkedIn Account  

Creating a LinkedIn account can assist you in finding a suitable job, that best suits your interest. 

  • Seek Assistance from Placement Agencies 

Nowadays, seeking help from a placement agencies, can help you find the best job in Canada. 

  • Register in Job Bank Account 

If you don’t have a valid job offer, you can create a job bank account, while registering your profile in the Express Entry system.


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