SINP at a Glance: Immigration to Canada is possible through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). By means of the SINP, the Saskatchewan Province:

Do you know Newcomers frequently immigrate to Saskatchewan? An "Easiest Canada PNP label has been attached to the Saskatchewan PNP program. This can be a result of the diversity of immigration alternatives available to applicants.

To become a permanent resident of Saskatchewan, there are Processes for SK PNP, SK PNP eligibility requirements, and SK PNP points calculator. So before applying for SK PNP there are lots of questions that come to mind such as:

  1. How to apply for SK PNP from India means which stream is suitable for your
  2. How to know SK PNP eligibility
  3. How many SK PNP points you are scoring to get an invitation  or how to calculate SK PNP points
  4. SK PNP's latest draw
  5. SK PNP Processing Time

So in this blog, you will find answers to all of your questions regarding SK PNP.

Saskatchewan PNP programs/stream

The SK PNP has many immigration programs or streams to apply for SK PNP. It depends upon your situation which stream you can choose to apply for SK PNP

    • 1) Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker:

This stream is for the foreign skilled workers who want to migrate to Saskatchewan PNP this is further divided into three sub-streams

      1. Saskatchewan Express Entry
      2. Saskatchewan Employment Offer
      3. Saskatchewan In-Demand Occupation


    • 2) Saskatchewan Experience:

This category is basically designed for those workers who are already in Saskatchewan having experience and job offers in the province.

      1. Saskatchewan Existing Work Permit
      2. Saskatchewan Health Professionals
      3. Saskatchewan Hospitality Sector Project
      4. Saskatchewan Long-Haul Truck Driver Project
      5. Saskatchewan Students


    • 3) Saskatchewan Entrepreneur and Farm:

General entrepreneurs with a variety of business plans can enroll in the entrepreneurial stream, while farmers can enroll in the farm owner and operator stream.

      1. Saskatchewan Entrepreneur
      2. Saskatchewan Farm Owners and Operators


How to check Saskatchewan (SINP) eligibility

To apply for SK PNP you must meet the below requirements

    • 1. Age:

You must be the age of 55 years or below at the time of applying for the SK PNP

    • 2. Occupation in demand:

Before applying for SK PNP you must make sure that your profile must be in the demand of SK PNP occupation in demand list.

If you are not sure about your occupation in demand click here to find occupation in demand list

    • 3. Points Score:

Applicant must score a minimum of 60 /110 points on the Saskatchewan PNP (SINP) points evaluation scale. These points are based on your age, qualification, work Experience, IELTS or French and job offer letter, and blood relative in SK PNP

Calculate your SK PNP points in less than 1 min. Click here

    • 4. English language Proficiency:

SK PNP is the province in Canada that accepts CLB 4  (Reading -3.5, Writing - 4.0, Listening -4.5, and speaking - 4.0). however, you can claim to get 20 points if you score CLB 8 ( R, W & S – 6.5  and L- 7.5 bands)


To calculate your IELTS points click here

Important Tips of Saskatchewan PNP

  1. You can apply your SK PNP till the age of 55 years.
  2. To apply for SK PNP you need to apply any CRS score
  3. To apply for SK PNP you need not apply for Express Entry
  4. SK PNP processing time is now 8 9 weeks only

How to calculate Saskatchewan PNP (SINP) points

In order to  apply for SK PNP you must score a minimum of 60/110 points on the SK PNP point evaluation grid.  You can calculate your SK PNP points  in less than 1 min click here to know your SK PNP points

To know Saskatchewan PNP points table click here!!

How to apply for Saskatchewan PNP from India (Process)

To apply for SK PNP you need to follow the below steps

    • 1) Check your eligibility:

Any applicants looking to apply to SK PNP must ensure that they are meeting SK PNP requirements in terms of

      1. The profile is in demand
      2. Must be having 60/110 points
      3. IELTS 4.5 bands and above
      4. Under the age of 55 years etc.


So if You are not sure about your eligibility just call our SK PNP expert at 750 383 2132 or you can write us at

Please note checking SK PNP eligibility criteria are not sufficient you also to be sure to complete accurate applications and provide valid documentation.

    • 2) Prepare your documents:

Once you are sure that you are meeting SK PNP requirements now prepare your documents with utmost care. To simplify the application process, please ensure that you have obtained the required documents in hand. Applications submitted without the required documents below will be refused and returned to you.

Proving incorrect information will be considered misrepresentation. To know more about SK PNP documents requirements call to SK PNP expert at 7503832132

    • 3) Apply for SK PNP EOI:

Now you can apply for SK PNP EOI. Submitting an EOI is your first step to applying to the SINP. Not all candidates will be invited to apply to the Saskatchewan PNP. The highest-scoring candidates will be invited to apply to the SINP.

    • 4) Receive ITA:

Once you will get ITA now you have 60 days to submit your application with an application fee of CAD 350.

    • 5) Apply for Canada PR:

Once you have a PNP nomination or approval now you can claim an additional CRS 600 and it help you to apply for your Canada PR visa.

Saskatchewan PNP Success stories

The Aptech visa helped several applicants in getting SK PNP nominations across the country. Meet a few of them who got SK PNP and are happy with our SK PNP services.

1) Ali Anjum from Pakistan:

Ali Anjum, a financial analyst from Pakistan who lives and works in Saudi Arabia, recently received SK PNP approval. Upon receiving his COPR, he was overjoyed and congratulated his case official, Aptech Visa, and the entire team for their tireless efforts.

2) Bharat jolly:

Bharat, a resident of Gurugram, decided to apply for an Aptech Visa after two years of unsuccessfully pursuing a PR via SINP. Although Bharat enrolled during the pandemic and the processing period had to be a little longer, Bharat was so delighted to obtain his PPR for Canada that he was unable to put it into words. He has expressed his gratitude for all the staff members and the assistance they provided. He is now looking forward to his COPR.

3) Deep Kumar Patel:

Deep Kumar Patel a resident from Gujarat got his ITA for SINP through the Efforts of the Aptech Visa Team.

Saskatchewan PNP draw

Find all the latest updates regarding the Saskatchewan PNP draw with just a click:

See whether you are one of the lucky ones to receive an invite from SINP. Keep yourself updated with the latest SINP draw.

Saskatchewan PNP Demand List


Click below and check whether or not your occupation falls under the SINP Demand List

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the processing time for SINP?

It takes 8 to 9 weeks for the entire SINP process to be conducted.

2. What is the minimum IELTS score required for Saskatchewan PNP?

Each IELTS module must have a minimum band score of 4.5 to be accepted for Saskatchewan PNP.

3. Does Saskatchewan PNP need a job offer?

No,  applying for an SK PNP job offer letter is not mandatory. You can apply for SK PNP without requiring a job offer,

4. Can I apply for PNP with a 5.5 IELTS?

Yes, you can apply for Canada PNP with 5.5 bands. Even at a 4.5 band score.