Isn’t it nice if you have well placed job in Australia before actually moving in there? You have a job before in hand and now your prime focus is applying for permanent residency visa of Australia. This is not an easy task though to search for a particular job while in Australia juggling between accommodations and finding jobs etc.

So, if you get job before in hand then your half of the battle is solved while being in your home country.

However, there are rumours that it is hard to get hired in Australia from overseas not specifically India, but the task is not impossible to accomplish, if you are able to stand as per their expectations then yes, you can easily get a job offer from the Australian employer.

Let us get to know the tips of increasing your visibility for finding jobs in Australia!

  • Your location is of prime importance

The first thing they are going to notice is your location, probably before noticing you have a PR visa. Usually the chances are given to those who have already mentioned the Australian State in which they are migrating because it sounds like you already have definite plans on when you want to be in Australia. Also, if you mention the date and time telling when you are available will give you an upper edge over others.

  • Give prime importance to your CV

To give yourself more of an edge, make sure your CV is well updated and polished. It must be in accordance with the Australian Standards. Your CV is the window of your personality that lets the potential employer knows your creditability for the job occupation in which you intend to apply.

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  • Good job hunting by having optimized LinkedIn Profile

The Australian employers give preference to those potential employees who mentions referrals on their LinkedIn profile. This makes a really good impression with recruiters and hiring managers.

You may send out emails to old/current co workers and managers or bosses and ask them to write up a referral for you to post on LinkedIn.

Therefore, after creating the Australian CV and an optimized profile on LinkedIn loaded with tons of referrals, you may start the job searching.

  • Know the top websites of Australia to find a job

The below mentioned are websites through which you may look out for jobs:


Additionally, you must have a basic job search strategy that suggests you to apply for just one job at a company or with a recruiting agency rather than applying for five jobs with the same company or recruiter.

In fact, if you over apply in the organization you will kill any possibilities of getting a job with the specific company because it look as though you are not sincere about your application.

Well, if you require employment in Australia you may focus on the above mentioned tips and along with this focus on applying for permanent residency of Australia through any of the visa program offered by the Australian Immigration department.

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