How to Apply for Saskatchewan PNP as an Entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur who is looking ahead to either flourish or start your new business in Canada? Well, the province of Saskatchewan provides the best pathway with the help of which you can easily move to Canada as an entrepreneur effortlessly.

The Saskatchewan PNP is a Canada PNP program that provides newcomers an ideal opportunity to live and work in the province of Saskatchewan on a permanent basis. This PNP pathway allows the province to select the talented individuals who are interested in living and working in the province on a permanent basis. This PNP provides many immigration streams from which you can select the one that best suits your requirements.

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The Saskatchewan PNP Entrepreneur stream is the best stream offering applicants and their families a golden opportunity to start, acquire or flourish a business in the province of Saskatchewan. The main advantage of choosing Saskatchewan over the other Canada PNP programs is that the processing times for SINP are faster than the other PNP programs.

So, the people who wish to start, purchase or flourish a business in the province of Saskatchewan can apply under the entrepreneur category of Saskatchewan PNP. Well, getting a nomination from the province doesn’t guarantee that you will receive an invitation to apply for Canada PR or not. Getting an invitation entirely depends upon how beautifully you have met all the eligibility requirements and the process followed by the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

Through the Saskatchewan Entrepreneur stream, you can obtain a temporary work permit that will allow you to establish or purchase any business in Saskatchewan and get settled there. Once you successfully run the business there, then you can apply for provincial nomination from the province of Saskatchewan and apply for Canadian PR in due course.

Now, you might be wondering about,

What steps are involved in the entire process of Saskatchewan Immigration as an entrepreneur? 

Below-mentioned is a step-by-step procedure that will help you move to the province of Saskatchewan as an entrepreneur.

1. Submission of Expression of Interest

Any entrepreneur who is looking forward to immigrating to Canada needs to submit an expression of interest (EOI) which reflects your interest in establishing and running a business in the province of Saskatchewan. Your expression of interest must be appealing enough to steal the interest of the province so that they can select your EOI.

2. Get Your EOI assessed

EOIs which get selected after meeting the eligibility are then allocated points on the basis of the information. The candidates having the highest score are invited to submit an application online. Along with that, there are certain supporting documents that you need to provide to the SINP. The approved applicants will be given a BPA (Business Performance Agreement) which contains relevant details regarding business sector, investment in the business and many more.

3. Establish your Business in Saskatchewan

Prior to getting a provincial nomination as a part of Canada PNP program, a candidate is required to establish a business in the province. In order to establish a business there, the candidates need to apply for a Temporary work permit which allows them to work hassle-free? Post getting a TWP i.e. temporary work permit, a candidate can immigrate to Canada and commence with the business activities.

4. Apply for Provincial Nomination

Now, those who meet the BPA requirements within 2 years of receiving the Temporary work permit and prove that their business is operational for a period of 6 months or more, can apply for provincial nomination from the SINP. If your application gets approved, then the province will nominate you that will help you get settled in Saskatchewan on a permanent basis.

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Final Words

After getting a nomination from the province, you become eligible to apply for Canada PR. The final decision is in the hands of IRCC as it is the main body which decides if a candidate deserves to be granted with a PR Visa or not. Hence, it’s important to follow the entire immigration process carefully so that there is no ambiguity in your application.

You all know that even a small inadequacy can result in your application getting rejected. So, why give anyone a chance to reject your application? So, set your goals, choose the right category and immigrate to the province as an entrepreneur. After all, what else is better than becoming a business tycoon in Canada?

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