How the Provincial Nomination Program Works?

People who are eager to immigrate to Canada usually come across with the term ‘Provincial Nomination Program’. Some of the questions which instantly pop in their mind are:

 ‘What is provincial nomination program?’ or ‘How can it help me to immigrate to Canada?’ and questions like that become the topics for their R&D for immigration to their favorite country.

Canada provides its provinces the opportunity to pick the profiles of the candidates who are wishing to move to Canada’ specific province for immigration. There are many provinces which are a part of the prestigious Canada PNP. Those provinces are Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.  

Coming back to the question we know that each province has diverse needs which are parallel to the economy bustling in their provinces. Each province has their own stream and eligibilities to bother.

The journey of provincial nomination program starts with checking the score eligibility. A desired candidate is required to score a minimum 67 out of 100 points in the assessment grid.

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The major provincial program included under Canada’s PNP are:-

Ontario Provincial Nomination Program (OINP) 2021

A desired candidate can come to the Ontario province via the Ontario Provincial Nomination Program. The OINP is conducted through the Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship and Canada under the three categories namely employer job offer, Human capital and the Business category. The provincial program is a perfect plan for the skilled and qualified workers who are needed for the efficient vacancies as per the trends waving in the labour market.

Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination Program 

The Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination Program is a great route to enter Canada. Saskatchewan offers a wide range in scenic beauty and eye rolling sights. The province welcomes the non-Canadian residents’ applications for the permanent residency in Saskatchewan. The nominations are passed on to the federal government so that the chosen candidates can apply for the PR on the IRCC portal.

Alberta Provincial Nomination Program

It is considered as one of the smoothest and fastest provincial nomination program. Famous for the places like Alberta Badlands and Alberta Rockies, the province is calm and serene region to settle for life. Alberta offers 600 additional points in return for the application which it considers beneficial for its economical growth.

Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Program

The candidates who believe in their skills and their qualification and those who consider themselves to be apt for the province’s labour market trends can apply for the Nova Scotia PNP. Nova Scotia is considered as a blooming environment for personal and professional growth. NSNP invites applications in various streams to immigration in Canada. Skilled worker, physician, occupation in demand, entrepreneur are some of the streams to choose from.

Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program

Manitoba is the most happening and adventure stirring province in Canada. The bonus point is that the province sponsors the candidates of immigration for the Canada permanent residency. If you are interested in the MPNP then you can too file for the permanent residency option provided by the province. And if your profile is influential in terms of the skills and qualification then the region will sponsor you by providing extra 600 points to make your profile bolder to be thoughtful enough for the Canada immigration.

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British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program

If a lucrative job opportunity is the reason for you to move outside India then BC PNP provides you a marvelous opportunity to grow as a professional. What you have to keep in mind is that your choice of occupation is in the British Columbian Occupations list. Various occupations which are open for the lodging are construction manager, financial manager, corporate sales manager, mechanical engineers etc.

Now we have made you aware of the major nomination programs provided by Canada PNP. Which provincial nomination program are you filing for? Still unsure which PNP to hit on? Come to us and we will elaborate the process and packages a little further. So shout out to us and we will arrange every last assistance for you. A hearty good luck from Aptechvisa!