How Ontario Nomination Program is Different From Other PNPs?

Ontario is the finest province in Canada. Architectural brilliance, scenic wonders and a great eminence of life makes Ontario different from other provinces in Canada.  Likewise, its selection process of foreign immigrants also differs from other PNPs.


Below Are The Points of Differences That Ontario PNP Has With The Rest of The PNPS:

Ontario PNP Other PNP
A) The province of Ontario requires a CRS of 400. Without having this score, you cannot apply for ONIP. A) No other province considers total CRS. You need a score of 67 (FSW points) to apply to any province. 
B) In Ontario, the fact whether your job profile is in demand in the province or not, doesn’t matter. A stress can be given over it by the province, but it is not mandatory to have your job profile listed on its NOC list.  B) Every other province holds a mandatory condition to have your profile listed on the NOC list, except Manitoba.
C) You cannot self-apply to Ontario program. The province picks candidates who seemed fit, from the express entry pool. An NOI (Notification of Interest) is issued to such a candidate.  C) Other PNPs are the quota based application. You can apply to other PNPs based on the process mentioned by different provinces on their website. 
D) Ontario gives preference to the applicants with the high language requirement score such as IELTS 6 or IELTS 7 bands in each module of reading, writing, listening and speaking.  D) Other PNPs are approachable even at alow language ability score. For example, Saskatchewan requires 4.5 bands in IELTS.

 How to Apply For Ontario Nomination Program?

Now that you are familiar with the procedure and requirements under Ontario nomination program, you can check if you are eligible to apply.

If yes, you can start your process right away!

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