Sydney is the most popular Australian city that is flocked by millions of newcomers annually. In fact, almost every second migrant coming to Australia on permanent basis wishes to live and work in Sydney. But, hold on! Do you really know Australia pr fees and how much an average migrant need to spend in the city on a monthly basis? How much you are required to save for smooth sailing of livelihood in Sydney?

Let us discuss about the money and funds you require for Sydney in this blog!

As a new permanent resident of Australia coming to settle in Sydney it is important to know the cost of living in the city because folks! Sydney is an expensive city. In fact, it has consistently ranked in the top 10 most expensive cities. For 2019, UBS calculated the basic costs of living in Sydney for one month and it comes out to be $1792 inclusive of cost of food, beverage, clothing, personal care and household items. Additionally, cost of two bedroom furnished apartment, a household help, an international school admission fee and local language course would further add $2987 summing up total cost to $4779.

Sydney is still preferred to be the ultimate immigration destination irrespective of the high cost of living. The city has spectacular harbour, amazing opera house and great entertainment coupled with beautiful beaches, soothing climate and stunning natural surrounding and of course friendly people.

Cost of Accommodation in Sydney!

The major chunk of saving goes in accommodation and thus, it is one of the biggest expenses in Sydney too. Real Estate and accommodation in Sydney is little bit expensive closer to city and water. The places far from the city and further inland are cheaper. One month rent for an average one bedroom city would cost approximately $2800 and same apartment in the outside city centre would cost about $1900.

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Cost of Food in Sydney!

Sydney is a multicultural city with migrants from all over the world and is thus, famous for the different food variety available in the city. Almost every cuisine from across the globe is available in Sydney. There are different cultural cuisines in different parts of cities as well just like our India. For example: Harris Park is celebrated for its Indian Restaurants and Auburn in Sydney is famous for its Middle Eastern and Turkish cuisine.

Therefore, the price of eating varies from choice of restaurants you are going say a five star hotel will definitely cause holes in the pocket as compared to the cheaper ones. It is suggested that till the time you are not fully established yourself in Sydney you may buy food from a supermarket or local food market and cook yourself.

The average three course meal for 2 persons in Sydney restaurant may cost you around $80-$100. Well, the price of food keeps on fluctuating in Sydney due to climatic conditions that further impacts the price of fruit and vegetables, meat and bread.

Cost of Public Transport in Sydney!

The cost of public transport in Sydney depends upon the distance you travelled from one place to another. The newcomers usually don’t buy a car so soon and instead use a public transport. For the migrants travelling through public transport it is suggested to buy an Opal Card. This card is the smart card ticketing system used to pay for travel on public transport in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Illawarra. The card cost for adults on weekly basis is $63.20 and daily person can spend around $15.80. Therefore the average travelling cost may vary $50-$65 per week.

Cost of going out in Sydney

The entertainment in Sydney varies greatly depending upon your pocket because there are expensive as well as pocket friendly shows available and even free entertainment too! In Sydney, the movies cost approximately $23 per adult and on Tuesdays the tickets are relatively cheaper.

Other Miscellaneous Cost in Sydney!

The expenses not get over here there are still many uncountable expenses that a migrant needs to spend. For example- Phone and internet/other bills cost around $25-$55 per week. The average expenditure for week we can say costs around $335-$470 per week.

Well, despite little high cost of living in Sydney it is still worth living because of the opportunities in terms of work and living the city has to offer. Plan your Australia Permanent Residency Visa as now is the perfect time! Connect with visa and immigration experts of Aptech Global by filling the free assessment to know your immigration chances.