How Long Is The Process To Apply For Alberta PNP?

Are You Wondering to know about Alberta province of Canada and waiting to apply under this province? Then, Alberta PNP is popular path through which you can enter and contribute in to the economy with necessary skills.

Alberta is the westernmost of Canada’s three prairie province, basically known as “energy province” of Canada that is home to 4 million people and it is developing quickly. It is the world leader in oil and gas industry which welcomes vibrant and multicultural community for fast growing industrial and service economy. Alberta PNP has laid down its own eligibility criteria across various streams to invite innumerable number of skilled and well qualified folks who can lead the economy.

Out of various streams, Alberta Express Entry is the most sought after and preferred immigration pathways that most individual are desirable to process their visa application. This steam allows you to apply for Alberta PNP with lesser and easier processing time. All you need is to have a valid Express Entry profile and secure an eligible immigration points. Through Alberta PNP Point Calculator, you are able to know your overall scores, depending upon your age, academic qualifications, work experience, Official language ability and other applicable factors.

Applicants who have demonstrated strong ties to Alberta province or who can help to support the economic development and diversification priorities will be asked to submit an application. A minimum CRS (Comprehensive ranking system) score of 300 are required to be eligible for Alberta PNP. The whole processing time under this program may vary from application to application and depend on various factors as listed below:

  • Highest CRS (Comprehensive Ranking system) score.
  • Number of invitations issued by Alberta PNP.
  • Total number of visa applications received through Alberta Immigrant Nominee program.
  • If you have submitted complete application with all information.
  • How quick you answered any query raised by Alberta PNP.

Alberta takes around a minimum 4-6 months to effectively process your visa applications. However, it can differ from various applications. If you have any job offer letter or work experience from Alberta or any relative living in the province or any graduate degree from Canadian post secondary institution, it will increase chances to immigrate to Alberta PNP in lesser time.

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