The Climate of Hong Kong is Subtropical in nature due to higher humidity and least temperature variation. The weather robustly influenced two major monsoons, namely, Northeast monsoon falling as of October to March and Southwest monsoon in the month from April to September. December is considered the best month to make a destination to Hong Kong.

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Spring season, is of very placid with pleasantly warm, from March to May. Though, the sky is mostly cloudy and it experienced a fog in the month of March and April. With a cold wind can still blow in March and the mid, there is a rise in temperature with the first thunderstorms occurred. The weather seems as hot and humid in May with highs approximately 28° C. It is not hot as in summer however; significant rains may take place.

Summer, starting from June to September, is sultry, hot and rainy with intense thunderstorms and showers. However, the sun shines on the usual few hours every day. During day time, the temperature is around 30° C and the heat is felt as of the effect of urban heat island along with moisture coming from the sea. Alongside, there is immense use of air conditioning as it presents unpleasant hot during the night. In July month, there is seeing often a pause and superior weather remains for one or two weeks.

Autumn in October and November, the rains become rare and usually not abundant. Also, the sun is a bit more recurrent than in other weather seasons. In the starting part of October, it will be still hot and clammy though then it steadily becomes more pleasant and in the first half of November, tropical cyclones can still appear.

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