How Do I Apply for SINP in 2021?

Saskatchewan is an ideal province of Canada if you want to get settled on a permanent basis. An increasingly greater proportion of candidates are selecting the province of Saskatchewan to reside permanently.  The diverse ethnic backgrounds, pocket-friendly housing and a very low unemployment rate are some of the main reasons which make Saskatchewan the best province in 2021.

Through the SINP, Saskatchewan:

  • Invites eligible candidates who are non-Canadians and want to make Saskatchewan their new home in 2021
  • Nominate the successful candidates from the Federal express entry pool so that they can gain permanent residency in Canada

Some of the direct pathways to apply for the Saskatchewan PNP in 2021 are:

  • International Skilled Worker

It is for the skilled workers and professionals who wish to live and work in the province of Saskatchewan permanently.

  • Saskatchewan Experience Category

It is for the foreign applicants who are currently residing in the province of Saskatchewan and are employed in any local business in the province itself.

  • Entrepreneur Category

It is for the entrepreneurs who either wish to expand their business or start a new one in the province of Saskatchewan.

  • Farm Category

It is specially designed for the experienced farmers from all across the globe who want to operate a farm in the province of Saskatchewan.

How to Apply for Saskatchewan PNP in 2021?

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Here’s how you can apply for SINP without a valid job offer in 2021:

  • Create a profile in the Federal express entry pathway
  • Choose the province of Saskatchewan when asked about the preference
  • Create your online profile on the SINP portal
  • In completing all the formalities, the higher authorities of the province will scrutinize your profile
  • Now, you will be given a specific time to upload all your supporting documents in the PDF format
  • If the province finds everything suitable, they will reward you with a provincial nomination which will further help you to receive an invitation from the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada)
  • After receiving the provincial nomination, you will receive an invitation to apply for Canada PR
  • After due verification, the higher authorities may grant you approval for the PR Visa

Typically, the province takes about 3-6 months to reward a candidate with a provincial nomination. So, as soon as you get a nomination from the province, apply for the Canada PR and convert your dreams into a beautiful reality. Make sure all your documents are authentic if you don’t want any last-minute chaos and delay in the entire Canada Immigration process.

If you want to seek more information about the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program, you can fill the free online assessment form so that one of our best immigration experts gets in touch with you and guides you towards the right path! 

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