Studying abroad is everyone’s dream. Students and their parents are always scavenging for the methods and ways to immigrate to foreign countries like Australia or Canada for educational purposes. Australian immigration is now-a-days pursued the most by the students who are impressed with the Australian standards of education.  After all who doesn’t like an educational certificate and educational degrees/diplomas stamped from a world-class foreign university which is among the top universities ranked globally for the facilities and faculties they provide?

Australian immigration through the student visa can be a suitable gateway to be a part of Australia as it can help students in Australia immigration who immediately after graduation can head towards a work occupation which is congruent to their course and educational training. Student visas for Australian immigration are only provided to the students of secondary schools, vocational schools, and universities. Post their graduation, a foreign graduate can apply for temporary graduate visa for employment in Australia.

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Australian immigration process through the student visa is changing in nature and students willing to study in Australia must be informed about the latest Australian immigration news for the recent omissions and inclusions in the student visa requirements. Keeping a pace with the Australian immigration news makes the student immigration more accessible because of the anticipation it demands for successful Australian immigration.  

Australia immigration points calculator is a part of the Australian immigration process. It can predict the required score for Australian immigration which is calculated on the basis of certain factors such as age, educational experience, work experience, language proficiency etc.

Talking about the country of Australia, the nation is full with universities incorporating never-dying world class sustenance. Australia allows students to earn while studying. This reduces the cost of living and the educational fee burden off the shoulders of the students pursuing their academic courses in Australia. The cost of the Australia student visa starts with USD 448. It may ask for further additional cost depending upon the level of training.

Drifting back to the topic of how does this student immigration process take place? Let us make you aware of the process below:

  • Receive a Confirmation of Admission (CoA) from an educational institute;
  • Apply for a student visa (subclass 500); come to Australia and start studying;
  •  Study in an Australian university and be able to work for 20 hours per week;
  • Choose a skilled occupation from the skilled occupation list (SOL) which complements you;
  • Apply for an immigrant visa for Australian immigration; and
  • Submit the required documents

The added benefit of pursuing education in Australia is that it allows the students to work for an utmost limit of 20 hours per week. The work can be started as soon as the studies are begun.

Australia’s educational standards are off the charts and students are ready to run to Australia to take advantage of the academic opportunities to foreign students. If you are also a non-Australian student, then apply for student visa to both study and work in Australia. Try out our free online assessment form to determine your student visa eligibility now to fly to the kangaroo land.